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5 Cost-Effective Workout Equipment for A Home Workout

Working out shouldn’t be expensive and I want everyone to know that. Especially for women who want to get fit.

Gym membership isn’t always a good solution for some people. Since you’d have to go to the gym regularly, otherwise it’d be a waste. And I’ll be honest, working out at home is so much more comfortable and not having to go anywhere is a plus for me.

I want to help everyone to get the motivation they need to start working out. In this article, I have a list of affordable workout equipment that can help you get fit at home.

1. Flat bench

A flat bench is truly flexible. You can use to for standard exercises like dumbbell chest press, sit-up, and jumping exercises. I recommend you get a flat bench after you’ve bought other equipment first and see if a flat bench would improve your workout or not. A flat bench is great if you want to focus on strength training.

One unit would cost you around $45. Some brands might be more expensive than that, but you don’t really need an expensive flat bench.

2. Stability ball

This item is an icon in the late 90s and it’s still popular today. In fact, stability balls have gained more popularity lately. Just as the name suggests, a stability ball helps you train your balance.

To use it, you put your shins on top of the ball and do push-ups. Or you can place it between your back and a wall while doing squats. You can also use a stability ball like a flat bench. Lie on your back on top of the ball and do dumbbell chest presses.

The size of stability balls ranges from 45 to 75 cm in diameter and can easily support the weight of an adult. If you’re interested to buy it and you have space for one, I’d say go for it. These balls are great.

One stability ball usually goes for $18 to $70; I don’t recommend you get a cheap one. Try to look for a high-quality ball that fits your budget.

3. Dumbbells

I have mentioned dumbbells a few times, but that’s only because dumbbells are awesome. Dumbbells come in various weights and shapes, so it’s easy to get the ones you need.

Dumbbells are common and simple, but you should learn how to use them properly. They help build your overall body strength as conveniently as possible. It’s best to start from 5 to 30 pounds, and if you think it’s too light, you can go for heavier dumbbells. Just don’t go overboard.

As for the prices, dumbbells are cheap. One dumbbell can go for as cheap as $1 per pound. The price depends on the brand and weight. Some brands offer a package of one dumbbell with various weights, and even though it can be expensive, at least you don’t have to buy a new one in the future.

4. Resistance bands

Many people are skeptical of resistance bands, but they’re actually great. Resistance bands are lightweight, easy to store, cheap, and flexible. If your plan is to do some light exercises every day, resistance bands might be the answer.

Resistance bands are designed to help you train your overall body strength and stamina. Whether it’s a biceps curl, seated row, or lateral slide, you can do it all with resistance bands. They’re also great for beginners who are trying to lose weight. You just can’t go wrong with these.

Resistance bands are available in light, medium, and heavy resistances. And usually priced at around $30.

5. Yoga mat

I always ask my friends, “Well do you at least have a yoga mat?” Because a yoga mat is flexible, cheap, and need a very small space in your house.

You can use it for push-ups, planks, lunges, sit-ups, jumping jacks, basically anything you want to do. A yoga mat can also be used outside if you want to. Some yoga mats can be folded into a small piece of rolled mat, so they’re portable.

A high-quality yoga mat would cost you around $40 and will last pretty much forever. Now you can exercise comfortably wherever you want.

Everything in this list is cheap, effective, and flexible

Of course, cheap workout equipment isn’t always the best choice. You must consider other factors too. But, everything on this list should meet all the criteria and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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