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6 Tips for A Healthy Relationship

Do you know that just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re happy? Many people are struggling with their relationships because of many things. And one of the biggest reasons is because of an unhealthy relationship.

If you feel like your relationship is lacking something or even stresses you out, it’s time to change it. You better act now to salvage it otherwise, it might be too late.

In this article, I have some great tips that can get you back on track. These tips should work for all kinds of relationships, such as work, friendships, family, and romantic relationships.

1. Be flexible

Never think that a relationship is going to stay the same. People change and their relationships with other people change too. And just because something changes doesn’t mean it’s bad now.

It’s important for you to not feel abandoned due to a changing relationship. You should be flexible and able to change as well. It is okay to feel anxious or uneasy about changes. You can change at your own pace. And remember that healthy relationships can always change and grow.

2. Take care of yourself

A healthy relationship is always about more than one person. Don’t focus too much on your partner, you should focus on yourself too.

Always make sure that there’s room for both people’s needs at all times. This way everyone feels comfortable and happy.

3. Always communicate about what you want and need

Your partner doesn’t know what you’re thinking of. And never assume that they know what you want or need. Your assumptions can lead to resentment and disappointment and bring your relationship down.

Everyone has different expectations of each other. Some things may seem obvious to you, but not to your partner. That’s why you should always communicate. Talk with each other about what you want and need. A simple conversation can do a lot for your relationship and help you know each other better. Believe me, you’ll each other more the more you communicate.

4. Always make time

This is very important especially for a couple with kids. Making time can be really difficult when you already have kids. And after a few years, you forgot what it’s like to be a couple. When this happens, you and your partner are like roommates. Living together in a house with no romance in it.

This is dangerous and a recipe for an unhealthy relationship. The solution is to always make time for your partner, and your partner will do the same thing for you. And if you really love your kids, you must spend more time with your partner.

If your relationship is healthy, you will be happier around your kids. They can feel it when you’re happy.

5. Work on your own problems after fights

Couples fight, some couples fight more than the others. It’s normal and I get it. But it’s unhealthy to ask your partner to fix the relationship every time you fight.

The best way is to take a step back and think about how to improve yourself first. Identify why you’re not happy and how you caused the fight to happen. This way you’ll give your partner some room to breathe and calm things down.

Never rely on your partner or even worse, put all the problems on them. Things won’t change if both of you think like this. One of you needs to take a step back.

6. Give compliments

Who doesn’t like compliments? And do you know that compliments can save a relationship? Couples who have been together for a very long time tend to forget to give compliments to each other. So, you must remember when you catch your partner doing something wonderful, compliment them.

Compliments or positive feedback is a great solution for a healthy relationship. And helps to forget about giving negative feedback, which has the opposite effects.

Don’t be discouraged, everything is a process

Believe me, your relationship can’t be saved no matter how bad you think it is. As long as you still have the intention to make things better, then you can do it.

These tips, as already mentioned, can save your relationship and make it healthier. And don’t forget to be yourself throughout the process. Don’t lie to yourself, if you want your relationship to last then you should do everything to achieve it.


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