Mega babes – my name is Angela Gallo and I am a whole lotta woman.

If we are speaking need-to-know stuff, it is critical you know that I am…


  • a die hard aquarian
  • a manifester generator
  • a highly sensitive person hell bent on high achievement
  • as soft as I am fierce
  • a deliberate romantic who sees poetry in everything
  • a punk rock feminist invested in creating spaces where womxn can step into their fullest power
  • going to change the world

If you’re looking for a title that encompasses what I do, you will be hard pressed to find any that do my heart and vision justice. I did however manage to muster up a few words that might give you a taster of what the experience of working with me might feel like on the tip of your tongue.

I train Doulas. And not just any kind of Doulas, either. Fierce, impassioned, unique, devoted-to-the-cause, resilient, visionary, trailblazer type Doulas – the kind committed to bringing the humanity, connection and compassion back to a multitude of thresholds Doulas hold space for. The kind who want to f*cking change the world, make $$$$ and aren’t ashamed of it.

‘Identity Death’ Doula, Alchemist of the Messy Motherhood, and Curator of Postpartum Experiences with Purpose – I have devoted my life to healing the earth by helping mothers & parents reclaim their worth.

In addition to this, I am massively infatuated with all things powerful business strategy & principles, as well as the positively productive use of social media to successfully amplify your brand & business. I have spent the last 3 years learning the ins and outs of the digital landscape so I could help passionistas like you own your space like a boss. It’s really fun. 

I want more money to be in the hands of good people so the world can actually change, so I created a bunch of materials on breaking up with your bad views around earning moolah, practicing radical self-love, as well as using Instagram in an authentically fuelled but powerful way.

As an ambitious and multi-passionate Doula, social media wizard, serial entrepreneur and brazen business coach – the opportunities to work with me are endless.  

I am all about bringing play, personal power, self-expression, connection, abundance, humour and freedom to everyone I work with – irregardless of if this is in pregnancy, birth, re-birth, parenthood or business. Wanna play? Send me an email HERE.

I want you to feel good – really freaking good – and often this involves me loving you ferociously until you have the space & energy to love yourself. From there….the magic happens.

If you’re looking for someone to snuggle your baby & shower them in affection, give you opportunities to fly solo and remember you are more than a mother, bring you delicious food, teach you rad parenting hacks based on instinct & intuition, hold a safe space for you to breakdown and help you alchemise a breakthrough, worship your epic-ness and spoil you rotten – you might wanna click here.