Who am I?

My name is Angela Gallo and I am a Melbourne Doula who turned her obsession with all things birth, motherhood, sexuality, women’s work, social media, justice-for-all, personal growth, passionate professional development and challenging-the-status-quo mindset, into an empire of inspiration that gets even the most stubborn of us grooving into an ass shaking + move making state of mind.

I am gregariously enthusiastic about creating monumental spaces where cis women, non-binary and/or non cisgendered women can come to play in BIG ways.

My mission?

Pushing the very best parts of you, her, them, YOU, you, and yes – even YOU, towards a way of being where even the boldest reclamation of personal power looks like no big deal.

There are an infinite amount of opportunities presented in childbirth, business, the bedroom and in the depths of our wildest dreams & heaviest breaths – ready to get your hands dirty?

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Signature courses, workshops and training programs

AKA stuff I am obsessed with and shout about from the rooftops – My Dynamo Doula™ Training Program, Business 4 Badass Birth Professionals™ and my Visibility For Visionaries™ – Social Media Slay Workshops are actually the most crazy sexy cool, confronting and empowering places to learn about what LIGHTS YOU UP. Come hang out, be moved, be entertained AND get the strategy you need to make it happen.

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Speaking & Events

I like to talk – a lot. And the kind of talking that involves big Italian hands, theatrics, big belly chuckles, curse words and self-inflicted tears + goosebumps from singing about things I am most passionate about.This has kinda given me a reputation for having the ability to engage an audience and speak with intent to captivate. You can hire me to speak or you can grab tickets to my next event here.

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Blogs & VLogs

My love of writing, poetry, alliterations, metaphors, tangents and hyperboles comes a close second to my. love of talking. If you’ve got an espresso martini (or green smoothie DUH) and have a few minutes to spare, check out my blog here.

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