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How to Protect Your Business Premises from Crime: Our Top Tips

You may not know it, but a large percentage of crimes recorded in the UK are made against businesses. With that said, it’s your duty as a business owner to do what you can to protect your livelihood and ensure your premises are kept safe and secure 24/7.

Here are some excellent tips that you can use to your advantage, put into play, and most importantly, protect your business premises from crime.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

The best place to start in regard to protecting your business premises is by running a risk assessment. This is important for several reasons – one of the most prevalent being to check whether your premises is vulnerable.

Even if there has been a crime committed on your premises, this will not tell you the full story. As you go around your premises during your risk assessment, you can look for hazards and weak spots that intruders could easily access.

Secure the Building

Just like you would with your abode, ensure you’ve got adequate security in place for all access points in your business premises. This includes windows and doors. Having good lighting, alarm systems, and CCTV is a must.

You can check out KEYper Systems, too, which offers the highest level of control and security over your keys and assets. They are experts when it comes to business security. Just make sure you leave no stone unturned!

Secure Your Equipment

If you have lots of high-tech gadgets in your business premises, make sure they’re fully protected and secured once everyone goes home for the day. The last thing you want is to find you’ve been broken into and all these valuables have gone. One thing you should take out is business equipment insurance. This will cover you against theft or damage to any equipment or tools you use to carry out day-to-day business.

Protect Yourself and Your Employees

Employee training is an excellent way to reward staff, and a good way to ensure they’re equipped for any situation. All staff should know what steps to take in the event of a serious threat. Make sure you’ve got processes and systems in place for any security breaches or risks. This includes the threat of a breach. Ensure employees are trained to recognise threatening or suspicious behaviour so they can handle the situation properly.

Prevent Employee Theft

While no business owner likes to think someone from their team would do such a thing, employee theft can and does occur. To prevent the risk, it’s important that you hire with care. This starts with performing background checks. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got people you can fully trust working for your business.

We go to great lengths to protect our homes, but what about your business? If you have a business premises, it all falls on your shoulders to do everything in your power to keep it protected 24 hours a day. Once you make use of our suggestions and put them into action, they can help in adding an extra layer of security.


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