Marijuana is slowly losing its stigma across the nation as states make it legal. Is Florida one of them? Here is a guide to Florida marijuana laws.
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Your Brief Guide to Florida Marijuana Laws

If you’re a new Florida resident or a new smoker who lives in Florida, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into as far as Florida marijuana laws go. 

Not so long ago, marijuana was illegal throughout the entire country. More and more states are legalizing it for medical and recreational use, though. The marijuana laws by state vary, so where does Florida stand? 

We’re here to talk about it so you don’t find yourself in any trouble. Keep reading to learn all about Florida cannabis laws. 

Medical vs Recreational Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

First, it’s important to know that state laws often depend on whether marijuana use is recreational or medical. But what’s the difference between the two? 

Most people who use marijuana do so recreationally (whether it’s legal or not). When someone uses recreational marijuana, it means that they’re doing it without a doctor’s prescription (even if they’re using it for therapeutic purposes, such as sleep issues, eating issues, or pain relief).

People generally use recreational marijuana for fun. They may use it in social situations or while they’re at home alone. Many people see marijuana as no different than having a glass of wine at dinner. 

Medicinal marijuana is different. A doctor can “prescribe” marijuana for various reasons (either for mental or physical health). Doctors may prescribe it for: 

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Weightloss related to chemotherapy 
  • Muscle spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Opioid dependence

Not all doctors are comfortable with prescribing marijuana. If you’re in Florida and you have a medical marijuana card, you can look at your marijuana options at

If you think that you qualify for a medical marijuana card, talk to your doctor about your condition. 

Is Marijuana Legal in Florida?

So now that you know the difference between recreational and medical marijuana, how does the law work in Florida? What are the penalties for illegal marijuana use? 

While recreational marijuana is now legal in 18 states, Florida isn’t one of them. It may not be legal in Florida until it is federally legal. However, you can use medicinal marijuana without penalty. 

Most of the time, possession of recreational marijuana is a misdemeanor. If you have under 20 grams of marijuana, you may receive up to a year in prison. More often than not, you’ll receive a fine (a maximum of $1,000). You may have your license suspended. 

If you have over 20 grams, the court may decide that you intend to distribute. Possessing over 20 grams is a felony and you can receive up to 30 years in prison and fines up to $50,000. 

Know Your Florida Marijuana Laws

If you’re a marijuana user, make sure that you know how Florida marijuana laws apply to you. While you’ll be fine if you use marijuana with a medical marijuana card, you need to be more careful (or not use at all) if you’re considering recreational use. 

Federal marijuana legality is on the horizon, but until then, be careful.

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