It's extremely important that you know what to do if you get pulled over by the police. Our informative guide here has you covered.

This Is What to Do if You Get Pulled Over by the Police

Knowing what to do if you get pulled over is important, and it can vary from country to country. For example, American rights are not the same as Australian rights. Operating from a show you might have seen on television can be a recipe for disaster! 

In the following article, we help you navigate the traffic stop and provide helpful information on what to do next. Let’s begin!

Keep Emotions Under Control

The goal when you get pulled over for reckless driving or any other reason should be to put yourself in the best possible position to beat the charge. You can’t do that if you are not thinking clearly.

It will take a moment or two to pull to a stop and for the officer to approach your car. Use this time to take deep breaths, count to ten, visualize yourself calmly interacting, and engage in self-talk designed to get you through the next several minutes. 

Get Your Stop Right

Pull off as safely and legally as you can. That means finding the nearest safe spot to park your car. Apply your signal as soon as you see the officer’s flashing lights and slow to a gradual stop. You don’t want to give the officer any extra charges other than that speeding ticket that he can add to your tally.

Cut Your Engine

Another step to take when getting pulled over shouldn’t have to be said, but emotions run high in these situations. Therefore, it deserves a mention. 

Make sure you cut your engine. Think about it from the officer’s perspective. He or she is walking from their car to yours, already on a high degree of alert as per their training. 

If your engine is still running, that’s only going to heighten the stress in this naturally tense exchange. Cutting your engine sends a message to the officer that you are there to cooperate. 

Roll Down Your Window

Another small action you can take to avoid the appearance of not cooperating is to have your window rolled down. This allows the officer to see in and further sets his or her mind at ease. It’s also a good idea to have print copies of your license and registration available for them, as they will need it whether writing common tickets or simply seeing if you have any warrants listed in their database.

Listen and Comply

If your goal is how to get out of a ticket, then this is not the time to go sovereign citizen on anyone. Listen to the instructions the officer provides. Comply, even if you disagree with the legality. Doing so will make it much easier to fight your case in court if the officer is out of line. 

Live to Fight Another Day If Need Be

It really is easier to fight common tickets, whether for reckless driving or DUI, when you adopt the mantra of living to fight another day. Northampton-based notes that a motorist’s ability to keep their head about them during a traffic stop will result in fewer charges to fight and more focus on the charges at hand. 

Knowing What to Do If You Get Pulled Over Will Help Your Case

Learning what to do if you get pulled over is a valuable tool in the fight against an unjust traffic stop or ticket. Just take it one action at a time, admit to nothing, and be as compliant as possible.

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