Is it your dream to spend your days in a relaxing, summer paradise? If so, living in the Long Beach area seems to be the perfect pick for you.
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Why You Should Live in the Long Beach Area

Looking at making the big move to the Long Beach area? We don’t blame you. With its amazing beaches, diversity of restaurants, and exciting nightlife, moving out to Long Beach might be the best decision you ever make.

Don’t just take our word for it. Studies show that living within 1 km of the coast is associated with better mental health. Read on to find out why else you should live in the Long Beach area and how to get started on your move.

Beautiful Weather

Long Beach has a Mediterranean-style climate that’s dry and sunny throughout most of the year. Temperatures average about 85º in summer and 45º in winter. Since it rarely dips below 42º, it never snows here so if you’re moving from a cold climate, you can leave your snow shovel and heavy winter clothing behind.

With an average of 344 sunny days per year, rainfall is scarce. June is the wettest month, but the city only receives around 13 inches of rain throughout the year. This absence of precipitation means more time to enjoy outdoor activities in the sunshine. 

The Scenic Outdoors

Long Beach really lives up to its name with 10 miles of beach. And let’s face it, the beach lifestyle is probably what’s driving you to move out here. There’s much more than just beaches, though.

The city is valued by those who live here for its active lifestyle and adventurous community. One of the most beautiful parks in the Long Beach area, Bluff Park, features 13 acres, a view of the Pacific Ocean, and tons of regular neighborhood events.

Long Beach Waterfront is home to some of the city’s most iconic restaurants and tourist attractions. Residents take advantage of the bike and jogging paths and when you stop to take it all in, you might be lucky and spot some seals or dolphins.

Diverse Neighborhoods

Whether you’re planning on renting an apartment or buying a condo, there’s currently a lot available in Long Beach. Belmont Shores, for example, has some of the hottest real estate on the market right now thanks to its abundance of beautiful sandy beaches, canals, lagoons, and boardwalks.

Craving something a little bit more cultural? The East Village is the inspirational center for art lovers. Packed with vibrant colorful murals, art galleries, museums, live music, eclectic coffee shops, and trendy bars, there is always something to see and do in this creative community.

Long Beach’s wealth of neighborhood options will make hunting for houses or resort-style apartment complexes a treat as you figure out the best place to settle down.

The Long Beach Area: Make Your Move

With everything the Long Beach area has going for it, there’s no surprise that it’s shown up on your radar. Its central location between Los Angeles and Orange County means that once you’re done exploring your new city, there’s still much more to see and do just a short drive away.

Find out more about how to get that ideal balance of suburban living, beachside relaxation, and bustling urban life in our Healthy Living section.


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