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Mimosa Terrace: Your Destination for Luxury Mid-Rise Apartments in Houston

The idea of sacrificing privacy for the convenience a city offers can sometimes make people hesitant to make the move. Fortunately, with the possibility of a luxury midrise apartment, you could have a bit of both.  

These boast the advantage of being in the hub of the community while still offering peace and tranquility. Find out what a luxury apartment is at

Luxury complexes like Mimosa Terrace offer between “4 and 12” levels. These dwellings are typically found in cities or urban locations with size restrictions. These are distinct from high and low-rise, offering a blend of these benefits.  

Compared to the high-rise, the median boasts better air quality, offers a greater sense of privacy, and has less noise pollution. The option is also more budget-friendly, with US monthly costs ranging between “$1500 to $2000”. 

The unique architecture stands out from its counterparts, with some used for residential purposes and others commercial. 

What Are Luxury Midrise Apartments 

A luxury mid-rise for sale Houston, like Mimosa Terrace, complements Texas, offering tenants balcony views looking out over the city. These buildings combine the benefits of high-rise and low-rise with the perfect blend of each.  

They can be used for residential or commercial space, with many providing retail or restaurant establishments on the ground level. Each midrise building is unique from another, with the type based on an individual’s lifestyle or catering to a particular need. Some of the favored options include the following: 

  • Luxury 
  •  Co-living 
  • Lofts 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Mixed-use 
  • Senior 
  • Student apartments 

In a mixed-use building, the residents benefit from commercial spaces, allowing the convenience of retail for instance.  

For apartment hunters looking for the ideal space, becoming familiar with how the midrise stands out from high-rise and low-rise is important to ensure you make the right decision for your needs. Here is a comparison between the three. 

Low rise 

These are the shortest apartment complexes, having fewer than four floors. The buildings are usually located in a rural or suburban area. A primary attraction for these dwellings is the fact they typically are built in the “garden-style,” meaning they’re surrounded by natural landscaping. 

These provide a quiet, more laid-back atmosphere compared to the high-rise and midrise with ample outdoor areas. 


The high-rise is the tallest complex with greater than 12 stories. You’ll often find these in a densely populated city or an urban location with building size restrictions (horizontally.) These tower over other buildings, each with a design intended to encourage socialization among the tenants. 

Most hold special events for the residents and come with varied amenities. In the US, the price point for a high-rise apartment will be roughly between “4000 and $6000” each month. Go here for the pros and cons of high and low rises. 


The midrise is a pleasant combination of its counterparts with the advantages of each in an average-sized building. The structure comes with between “4 and 12” levels and is typically located in a metropolis where prices usually run higher, but high-rise buildings are not allowed. 

These structures are unique in that they give residents and commercial tenants a nice blend of being in the hub surrounded by community, albeit adequate privacy.  

The balconies offer incredible scenic views, lacking in the low-rise apartments. Tenants will find several advantages above that of the low-rise and high-rise.  

What Are the Advantages of Luxury Midrise Apartments 

Apartment hunters in metropolitan locations will find the advantage of luxury midrise apartments to meet their residential or commercial needs and satisfy their distinct lifestyles. The structures offer many attractive features that are not available with a high-rise or low-rise. Here are some you can expect. 

The view 

The scenic views are a major attraction for those looking for the ideal luxury apartment. The extra levels give the structures an appeal over their low-rise counterparts.  

Many luxury dwellings have a balcony to allow tenants to take advantage of the scenery. This perk enables a sense of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s hub. 

The convenience 

These opulent buildings are designed to offer tenants exceptional convenience with accessible stairs and elevators to ensure tenants are able to maneuver the space with ease.  

Typically, the structures have shops and businesses on the ground floor, another appealing benefit for prospective tenants. It’s an added convenience to be able to handle personal business without having to leave the premises. 

The culture 

The complex offers a culture of socialization, albeit with a keen sense of privacy for each tenant. There are fewer units compared to a high-rise, keeping the community smaller. It allows greater connectivity among the residents, an intimate atmosphere allowing everyone to feel like they’re a part of the social circle. 


The midrise offers an array of amenities to satisfy personal preferences and tenant needs. Again, these contribute to the intention of creating a comfortable and communal environment, giving the luxury buildings added appeal. These can include the following: 

  • Swimming pools 
  • Gym 
  • Green spaces 
  • Meeting rooms/workspaces 
  • Cinema 
  • Party spaces 
  • Smart home features 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Courtyards 
  • Patios 
  • Outdoor kitchens/fireplaces 

And more. Combined with the businesses and shops, amenities like these allow tenants the services and activities they need without having to leave home or their business. Learn about different appointment types and how they differ at

Discover Luxury Mid-Rise Living in Houston

Luxury midrise apartments like Mimosa Terrace offer prospective residents and commercial tenants unique benefits blended from the high-rise and the low-rise dwellings. The location is ideal for individuals who want to be within the city’s hub but also want to have a sense of peace and tranquility. 

The scenic views are incredible with the elevated floors, plus the vast array of amenities offer residents comfort and connectivity among the residents. While the design encourages socialization, the structure doesn’t impede privacy in the same way a high-rise can with its surplus number of residents. 

For those looking for a home or business space within the hub of a city that offers that level of privacy that most tenants are looking for, the midrise is that perfect combination.


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