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4 Essential Tips for Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

Projections show that the global sprinkler irrigation market will reach a value of $2.91 billion by 2027.

A sprinkler system for your lawn will help your grass grow without the need for regular watering. It can distribute water evenly to make sure your lawn gets the perfect amount. If not properly maintained, however, they can function incorrectly and create problems.

For 4 essential tips on lawn sprinkler system maintenance, keep reading. 

1. Clean Your Sprinkler Heads

On most lawns, it doesn’t take long for sprinkler heads to get clogged with dirt. When this happens it can affect the performance of the sprinkler, distributing water unevenly. Keeping these clean will help ensure your lawn doesn’t have any dry patches or areas with too much water.

You want to do this routinely, so maybe set yourself a reminder. Once a year should be enough, but maybe more if you notice your sprinklers blocking quite quickly. Different sprinkler heads have different cleaning processes, so consult with the manufacturer of your system for the best method.

2. Check Valves

Valve assemblies or manifolds help to transport water from its source to the sprinkler head. Damaged lawn sprinkler system parts such as valves are one of the most common causes of sprinkler leaks. 

A typical sign of a faulty valve is irregular water pressure or uneven water distribution. This could be because of a fault in the central valve assembly, or the valves in individual sprinkler heads, so check both. Cracks, rips, or other visible signs of disrepair indicate you need to replace a valve.

Lawn sprinkler system repair can involve replacing broken valves as well as other components to help reduce the negative impact on your lawn.

3. Repair Faulty Pipes

Faults in any of the pipes can cause leaks which will stop your lawn sprinkler system from operating properly. High water pressure can cause pipes to burst, or they can be damaged if accidentally struck with a shovel or spade. They may also break down due to gradual wear and tear.

If you notice inconsistent water distribution and all the valves are fine then the pipes may be the problem. You should get any damaged pipes replaced as soon as possible to keep your yard in a good state.

Sprinkler repair can be quite difficult, so you might need assistance from a professional lawn care service such as Holmes Lawn & Pests. Head over to https://www.holmesutah.com/lehi/ to take a look at the services they offer.

4. Check Electrical Components

There are multiple electrical components in a sprinkler system, and they all need to be working properly to keep everything functioning.

You can check the voltage with a multimeter to figure out if the different components are working together correctly. For a standard sprinkler system you should read 24V, but anywhere between 22V and 28V is acceptable.

Connectors may get wet, so make sure you use waterproof connectors for the whole system. You should also regularly check any wires to make sure they haven’t worn down. If they have, repair them as soon as you can to prevent any major electrical issues. 

Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance

Regular lawn sprinkler system maintenance is the best way to keep your system functioning. If you notice any issues you should get them fixed as soon as possible to keep your lawn in good order and prevent larger problems.

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