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Using Custom-Printed Bags with a Logo to Promote a Brand

Marketing is a core function to keep a business afloat. With all possible strategies, there is no excuse to fail your business. One of the best offline strategies is using promotional materials to showcase your brand, make it known to as many people as possible, and win their loyalty.

Custom-printed bags with a logo are the most common among the many promotional materials. They are useful and you can rest assured that people will carry them around to pass the message on. This is a brand promotional strategy that you should not miss by all means.

That said, let’s dive into how to use custom-printed bags with a logo to promote your brand.

Understand Different Types of Custom Printed Bags

If you are interested in using this strategy to take your business to the next level, then you should know the different types of custom-printed bags.

  • Tote bags – These bags have one large space and two parallel handles. They are commonly used in retail and fashion outlets to carry shopping. Since they have a spacious face on the side, they are often printed with a brand logo, slogan, and any other message to promote a business.
  • Backpack and laptop bags – These are bags commonly used in travel and the corporate world to carry camping gear, laptops, and files. They are carried on the back, so they display the printed logo and business name very well.
  • Cosmetics and makeup bags – These are small accessory bags used to carry makeup and personal items. They can also be printed with a logo to promote a bag, especially in the fashion and beauty industries.
  • Drawstring and swag bags – These are small bags made of light but strong synthetic materials with a drawstring to fasten the bag and also carry it on your back. They are most common in sports and among the youth. They can be printed with the logo and brand name of relevant industries.

How to Customize and Print Your Bags

Companies such as RocketBags have the best custom-printed bags to suit any client. It is easy to customize your bags with such a seller because they have a detailed catalog showing the different types of bags, designs, colors, and spaces to put your company logo and slogan.

After deciding which service provider to use, just visit their website and customize your bags appropriately. The next step is to choose the number of bags you need and then negotiate a discounted price per bag.

After paying for the bags as per the terms and conditions, the service provider will process the order and ship it to your destination.

Distributing Custom Printed Bags to Your Audience

Businesses that use custom-printed bags do not give them out to just anyone. They highly target users. Some give them out to customers who shop with them, some sell their bags in their outlet, while others give them out at conferences, sports, and other events. So, choose the users well to ensure that your bags are effective.


With such a strategy, you can rest assured that your brand name will get more popular with time. Custom printed bags help your brand to stand out among others and get known by many people. Therefore, this strategy is worth being among your marketing strategies.


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