Have you had your office for some time and never updated the design? Your office design can contribute to productivity and more. Here's some advice.
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How to Improve Your Office Design for Better Productivity

Did you know happy workers tend to be a lot more productive? Figure out how to make your workspace inviting. If you want to make sure your office is a productive space for workers, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to improve your office design.

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Pick Up Plenty of Plants

Plants will help reduce stress levels and sickness. Plants can even help to lower noise levels. People put plants in their offices to help clean the air. Improve productivity, and creative thinking, as well.

Look at picking up low-maintenance office plants. Put plants throughout the office.

Look Into Setting up Community Boards

Share with your team what’s coming up at work. Use a pin-up board to share corporate culture or office humor.

You should get creative with the display. Refresh the space with different flyers or photos to inspire your team.

Put inspirational quotes on the board. Encourage team members to add new quotes to the board. You want your company culture to feel focused and motivated on achieving business goals.

Make sure you congratulate different employees when they hit certain goals.

What’s Your Layout?

Before you set up your office, you should think about the different needs of you and your team.

What is your company culture? You can figure out how you could design or change the design of your office.

Open office plans are pretty popular. Yet, in recent years, employees report they are happier with private offices. Think about how your company culture would prefer their office space.

Do some workers need private spaces? You might have a few private offices set up for these people. For others, they might work better in teams or at shared tables. Consider adding collaborative spaces.
Last but not least, make sure that the layout allows all workers to evacuate safely in an emergency, with easy access to exit routes for all.

In addition, everyone should know where the fire exit is, with fire exits and muster points clearly marked; for more information on the best sign to install check out seton.co.uk/safety-signs/fire-exit-signs.

Make Sure There’s a Break Room

Employees are more productive if they can take breaks.

You want to have a spacious office so people can stand up and stretch or go for a short walk. People will be able to recharge and take a break. Mental breaks will keep people focused.

You can keep your employees from remaining sedentary. You will improve an employee’s overall health and help to reduce stress. Also, people will feel more energetic when they are active.

Encourage employees to get up and move around. You can set them up with stand-to-sit desks as a unique option.

Make sure the copy machine or printer is on the opposite side of the office. This way, workers will get a short walk in. You could also set up a multi-purpose room where people exercise.

What About the Color?

Color can affect people’s mindsets, and color can affect a person’s behavior and emotional response.

When you choose paint colors, think about how they will affect your office design. Some colors will help people feel more productive.

Purple is an unnatural color for an office, but it represents ambition and royalty. Green has connections to nature, growth, and balance. Green can help improve a business’s creative performance.

Blue tends to boost intellectual thought. Red is an intense color that will raise mental energy flow.

Do you want to repaint your office? Consider hiring a reputable painter from https://brushmastersxp.com/.

Do You Have Lots of Windows?

Lighting will affect a person’s mental health and productivity levels. Natural light has a positive effect, impacting people’s circadian rhythms.

Workers report a higher quality of life when they have better light exposure. Lighting levels need to be considered in the office design.

If you can’t install windows in your office, use mirrors or reflective pieces of furniture. You should try to amplify the natural light in your office. Buy full-spectrum light bulbs that will mimic the appearance of natural light.

Art Pieces

Other than plants, you should also add pieces of artwork to your office. Art can help improve a work environment. People feel more productive when surrounded by interesting and unique pieces of art.

You can also ask employees to personalize their work station. People who get to personalize their work station tend to feel more comfortable.

Create Office Zones

You should create specific stations around the office for certain tasks. You might have a collaboration zone like a break room. Encourage your team to exchange ideas and hang out.

There are fun zones like a game room. People could hang out and decompress and relax after a stressful workweek.

Have a quiet zone as well. This way, people can go there to relax and think without getting disturbed.

What About Conference or Meeting Rooms?

Businesses will spend lots of time in different meetings, and managers can spend a third of their day in a meeting.

You want meetings and the design of the space to encourage productivity. Try to have a lot of natural light in the meeting room. You should also have functional and comfortable furniture pieces.

Get rid of distractions like wobbling tables, flickering lights, or noise from outdoors.

If you need a larger room, you should choose a different space. If you’re hosting a more important meeting, consider renting a meeting room at a restaurant or hotel.

Make Your Office Design More Productive

We hope this guide on improving productivity was helpful.

Consider how your office design can impact the productivity of your team members. Make sure you have lots of natural light, plants, and the proper office cubbies for your team.

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