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7 Money Saving Tips for A Getaway With Your Boyfriend

Traveling with your boyfriend can be really fun and it’s a chance to create an unforgettable memory together. But traveling is an expense that you may not be able to afford at the moment.

And here’s my suggestion: don’t let money problems prevent you from having fun with your boyfriend. To help you with that, I have some money-saving tips that you can use for a gateway with your boyfriend.

Simple and modest picnics

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and you certainly shouldn’t follow other people. Just because everyone goes to the same place on their travels, doesn’t mean you should go there as well.

I have the perfect solution for you: romantic picnics. Forget expensive and touristy restaurants that serve mediocre dishes, try cheap and delicious foods, and some personal and romantic time with your boyfriend.

Go to a grocery store and buy food like salami, cheese, bread, fruits, and anything else that you like. Don’t forget a bottle of wine to make your picnic better. You can also use this chance to show off your cooking skills.

Picking the best place for your picnic is also crucial. You can start somewhere near your place, with a lot of greens all around. Now all you have are the two of you, good food, and quality time together. 

Focus on each other & relaxing

Still with a similar topic from above. Your travels should be about you two and not your destination. If you like the destination, who cares about how popular it is?

Make it fun by exploring a new city together. I’m pretty sure you can find a lot of new destinations, which are fun and affordable. You’ll find new things to do and even learn how to plan your travels together. You an also treat yourselves with a private jet charter by Jettly to give yourselves a little luxury.

Another great way to relax and spend time together is by reading books. Instead of buying them at the bookstore, search online for perfect-bound book printing. Have your the book you’re interested in printed and spend the afternoon reading after your picnic.

Share a suitcase

This is my favorite travel hack. Some places charge you for your luggage, and two pieces of luggage mean you’ll have to pay more. This isn’t good, because you’re trying to save money here.

The solution is by carrying large luggage that can fit everyone’s stuff. If you’re good at packing, you’ll love it.


This is the new cool thing that many people love, and I understand why. Airbnb offers many benefits for travelers, especially for a couple who is trying to save money.

With Airbnb, you can save money by renting a cheaper room compared to a hotel room. Other advantages are Airbnb has a wide selection of properties, look for additional services such as classes and sightseeing, and protection for guests. And the best thing is, you can sleep in the same bed for cheap.

Keep in mind though, there are some risks in using Airbnb, such as you may not get what you see, and the room you’re renting might not exactly be legal. So please do your research before you rent.

Share meals

Sometimes people love to try new dishes when they’re traveling. If you love it too and want to save money at the same time, you can share your meals.

Order new dishes that you’d like to try and share them with your boyfriend. This way you can try new dishes and still save money. Even better if you don’t eat a lot anyway, this way you won’t waste any food.

Last-minute deals

Making a last-minute plan isn’t always a bad idea especially for international travel. Sometimes you can even get the best deal this way. Usually, flights and hotels provide last-minute deals on their websites and apps. They do this to offload excess inventory and they also know that they need to cut the prices to attract more consumers. Just make sure if you’re going international, you get a visa! An Australia visa is easy for most western countries, other countries take more time so plan ahead.

Get a companion pass

A companion pass is a type of program that allows you to fly with someone at a lower cost or sometimes, without any additional charges. This is the perfect way to save money on your travels. You can use your companion pass to get one more ticket for cheap this way.

Always check on the airline first for information regarding how much you need to pay for your boyfriend’s ticket or if you need to pay at all. The different airline has different policies, so always do your research.

Most airlines require you to check if your visa is valid, so for example, if you’re flying to a country like Cambodia, you must ensure that your application for Cambodia visa is done in advance and not last-minute. 

Travel is more fun when you don’t have to worry about money

Don’t let money problems ruin your travels. I hope with these tips, you can enjoy your time with your boyfriend more. Now go out there and experience some of the best times of your life.