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How To Turn Your Living Room Into A Yoga Studio

Do you know that feeling when you step into a yoga studio? Now you can get that feeling every day right in your home.

I have some good ideas that you can use to turn your living room into the best yoga studio. Now imagine waking up in the morning and stepping into your living room and feel the overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness.

Don’t worry about the budget, I can guarantee that any of these tips won’t break your bank. I want you to turn your living room into your favorite yoga studio without thinking about the budget.

Add more green

Plants are therapeutic, and you can’t go wrong with them. Besides the color, plants can improve the air quality in your living room, making your yoga more effective.

Plants can also make the whole environment calmer and homier, especially if you live in an urban environment with limited space and noise pollution. I recommend you start researching the best home plants to get. Usually, houseplants that are resilient and almost impossible to kill are the best for everyone.

Use calm colors

If the walls in your living room aren’t in calm colors, maybe it’s time to repaint them. Cooler tones or warm whites are the safest options for your living room.

Don’t forget to use non-toxic paint. By using eco-friendly products, your mind will be more at peace. And it feels good to care about the environment.

Handmade furniture or décor

Handmade products are unique and special. Perfect for a yoga studio. You can create them yourself or you can also buy them from artists. Believe me, knowing that some stuff in your house is created in someone’s home, really makes your living room homier.

You can start with something simple like a flower vase, picture frame, or chair and tables. Shopping for DIY stuff is also fun and exciting. You can head to the nearest flea market, salvage yard, or thrift shop. They usually have a lot of DIY and other cheap stuff there.

Always keep an eye out for interesting stuff and sooner you’ll have a decent collection of unique and handmade stuff in your living room.

Warm lighting

Lighting plays an important role in a yoga studio. Because it affects the mood of everyone in the room.

Try warmer incandescent bulbs or brass accents for your yoga studio. Your entire studio will feel warmer and the lighting will make a wonderful Instagram picture.

No more clutter

I’m not telling you to live a minimalistic lifestyle, but at least remove things that don’t serve any purpose. You might be surprised at how many stuffs you have in your living room alone that you don’t actually need. Other valuable things that fill the room should be stored away nicely if possible.

By removing clutter in your living room, you’re also removing distractions and turning your room into a proper yoga studio. Try looking for proper storage for all your items for a better result.


A yoga studio isn’t complete without a beautiful big mirror in it. A mirror will not only make your yoga studio look better but also look more spacious.

Practicing yoga in front of a mirror is very beneficial and helpful, especially for beginners. You can see your form while practicing yoga whenever you want. But don’t put too many mirrors in the room, or they might distract you instead. And if you don’t like a big mirror, you can always get a smaller one.

Candles and essential oils

Last but not least, you need candles in your yoga studio. Candles help set the mood when you’re practicing yoga and can make your studio look more comfortable as well. And combine it with the lighting that I’ve mentioned above, your yoga studio is now perfect.

If you’re paranoid about candles burning your entire house down, you can get flameless candles instead. And speaking of candles, let’s not forget about essential oils. Essential oils are perfect for a yoga studio. You can go for sage, incense sticks, or essential oils, pick one or more that you like.

Now your studio will smell amazing and be able to calm you down. Some people say that essential oils help purify the air from negative energy and suppress negative emotions.

I hope you can create your favorite yoga studio in your house

I’m happy whenever I’m thinking that there are more and more people with their own yoga studios at home. These tips are easy to follow and should be affordable and flexible for everyone. And I hope you’re the next person who can successfully their living room into a yoga studio.


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