11 Tips to Plan a Dream Wedding Ceremony

The wedding event can be a wonderful time but it comes with its challenges. Getting all the preparations done and buying the perfect dress also has a huge potential for stress. But since it’s your special day, you need to enjoy the process much more than stressing over it.

After months of planning and preparing for the big day, make sure you make the most of the event so that you can look back and remember it.

Here are some well-thought tips to help you plan the perfect wedding without running into any major problems.

Start Early Planning

If you wish to reduce stress along the process then you need to start planning in the early stages. This way you will get more options when it comes to choosing your venue.

You can also visit multiple boutiques to select the perfect dress for the bride and her mother or look for some different options online in stores like the Jovani Collection for Mother of the Bride.

Late planning will reduce your options and you may lose out on the wedding venue that you have planned to book. Start booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Try to sort out small tasks at least three or six months before the wedding.

Organize the Event

You need to keep everything organized to stay stress-free during the process. You can create a document with all the wedding information in one place. This document can include the supplier details, the wedding budget itineraries, and the wedding checklist.

Having everything organized will help you feel in control of your event.

When you make a document, it stops you and your partner from forgetting key elements of your wedding planning. You can also make a printout of the document and pass it out to people who are involved in the planning process.

Enjoy the Process

Even though the wedding can be a stressful event, make sure to enjoy the process as well. Not only is the wedding day exciting but the process should be full of celebration and joy.

Small tasks like choosing the wedding dress, cake, and decorations can bring joy to the bride and groom. To make the experience more memorable, invite your friends or family whilst planning. You could also plan some popular wedding trends, like those mentioned in this infographic, for both the bride and groom to enjoy on their big day.

Select the Wedding Venue

When choosing the venue, you need to think about what kind of wedding you wish for and how many people are you inviting to the event. When you have a clear vision, researching potential wedding venues and narrowing down the choices will be much easier. By choosing a more neutral venue, such as The Venue at Friendship Springs, you will be able to put your own twist on the décor and make it truly special to you.

It’s best to visit the venue multiple times leading up to the wedding. Make sure that all your doubts are cleared and that you know what you can expect from the wedding venue. Look for decorations and go for a theme that suits your wedding style.

Take Notes

When you visit the venues and wedding suppliers, make sure to take notes. You can’t remember all the information that you get and you may forget to ask about some key elements.

By the time you have visited a few venues or boutiques, you may forget which option you liked the most. Taking notes will help you remember and go back to the place for booking when you are done with research. To help rank the places, you can rate them out of ten according to the budget, style, and location.

Create Your Wedding Budget

You need to get creative with your wedding budget especially if it is tight. Consider spending less on some areas like wedding cars, and wedding favors. This way, you can spend more money on the venue as it is where you and your guests will be spending most of their time.

Get familiar with the actual costs to help you set a realistic wedding budget, and to allow you what you want at a price you can afford. Decide on the final budget by discussing the costs with your fiance and make sure both of you feel comfortable with it.

Pay Attention to the Lighting

You can speak to your wedding planner to make sure that the lighting at your event is right. You need adequate lighting to set the right mood for the day.

If you wish to explore low-cost options, you can choose fairy lights and festoon lighting. Proper lighting can help illuminate the space and make it perfect for photography.

Be Selective with the Guest Lists

As with other tasks, you need to sort the guest list early on to find the perfect venue that caters to your needs. Cost per head can be your biggest challenge so avoid inviting people that you can skip otherwise.

Keep the list down to loved ones and close friends to make it an intimate ceremony. Even though it’s the hardest decision, it belongs to you and your fiance. Additionally, refining the guest list will give you the exact number of people coming, which will allow you in turn to provide accurate figures if you are hiring something like this limousine service Ottawa, which can help to make the whole process much smoother.

Pick Your Bridesmaid

Your bridesmaid should be your biggest support system so pick your best friends for the role. Cousins or friends that you rarely see are not the best options. Instead, you can choose your sisters, long-term friends, and close relatives.

You will be assisted by the bridesmaid in almost everything from rehearsing the event to getting ready for the day. Enjoy the wedding planning with your bridesmaid. A good bridesmaid will help you look your best and remove the stress of looking over small things on the big day.

Book the Right Photographer

Even if your wedding turned out to be just straight out of a fairytale, you can relive it if the photos don’t come out well. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good photographer. Research carefully and look for someone who understands what you want.

To get an idea of how the photographer works, schedule an engagement shoot to get to know their skills better. It can also help you plan perfect poses and get a hang of them before the actual event.

Hire a Wedding Planner on Board

You can greatly reduce the stress of your wedding preparations if you hire the right planner. The planning team can help you organize the event. They can take care of the little details from picking the right flowers for the venue to wrapping up the wedding.

Moreover, some wedding planners also know how to take care of important documents for the marriage.

If you don’t plan to hire a planner, you can ask for help from your family and friends. Planning it on your own can be difficult especially if you are not an expert in the field.


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