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How to Change Eye Color Naturally With Food

A lot of people are obsessed with eye colors. Learn how to change eye color naturally with food. I can’t blame anyone since the eyes are the main attraction of anyone’s body. Not only that, but eye colors can tell a lot about someone’s health condition.

Eye colors can be influenced by the genetics of your parents, now it turns out you can change eye color naturally with food. However, the eye color that you have might not be related to the patterns of genetics of your parents at all. Just like the skin, eye color is determined by the pigment called melanin. That’s why children’s eye colors could change as they grow up.

So it’s entirely possible to change the color of your eyes by changing your diet. It’s all-natural and healthy to change your eye color this way. In this article, we are going to learn more about superfoods to eat to change your eye color.

Can you really change eye color naturally with food?

It is possible to change the color of your eyes or at least make your eyes look more relaxed or brighter if you consume certain nutrients or beneficial components from the foods listed below. So the color of your eyes doesn’t only change due to your mood or hormonal changes. However, eye color can change with age, and it is common.

It is also known that white people tend to change their eye colors more significantly compared other people. Especially white people with lighter eye colors. And people with brown eyes will notice that their eye colors become lighter as they get older due to pigmentation. Deep brown eyes tend to change into hazel eyes sooner or later.

On the other hand, people with hazel eyes will notice their eye colors are getting darker as they age. Age is a big factor when it comes eye color. However, if you notice that your eye color changes rapidly, you should visit an ophthalmologist. Remember that rapid changes in eye color accompanied with differences in vision could mean that you are suffering from serious eye problems like heterochromatic iridocyclitis or pigmentary glaucoma.

Another important key to remember here is the iris muscle in eye that can expand and contract. Your eyes do this automatically to control how much lighting that should enter them. So in order to avoid any damage in the eye, the iris grows smaller in bright light and wider in dim light.

How to change your eye color naturally?

The changing of one’s eye color is more complicated than you might think. Sometimes, consuming certain foods can help you to get the eye color that you want. Here are some foods that you can try.

Meat can change eye color

how to change eye color naturally with food such as meat

Meat can change eye color thanks to its decent amount of protein. In fact, meat is a complete source of high-quality protein that is needed by your body for optimal health. By consuming enough protein, our body can function properly and healthily. Furthermore, meats are rich in zinc and magnesium, which can contribute to eye color in the iris. For some people, eating meat is the best way to go as it can provide them with a lot of protein without having to eat too much. For example, three ounces of lean beef provides 25 grams of protein.

Urva ursi tea

Have you ever heard of Urva ursi tea? This type of tea acts as an antiseptic that has a diuretic function in the body. Apparently, Urva ursi tea can make your eye color looks brighter and more relaxed after consumption.

Olive oil can be used as well

olive oil

Olive oil is a beautiful ingredient that has many health benefits for us. One of the benefits is making our eyes look softer. The reason for this is that olive oil contains healthy components such as linoleic acid.


Nuts are probably one of the most common foods you can try that offers a lot of health benefits. They are affordable, easy to eat, and tasty as well. If you want to change your eye’s color, you can try eating enough nuts. You will notice that your eyes look softer after consuming enough nuts thanks to all the nutrients you’ve absorbed.

Chamomile tea

tea bags

Chamomile tea is famous for its ability to make eyes look warmer. This type of tea is known to be able to lower the concentration of stress hormones in the bloodstream. Furthermore, it can also provide relief from the symptoms of several health issues, such as inflammation and gastrointestinal discomforts.

Honey helps in changing eye color

Honey is a rich source of sugar. This is why honey is healthy for your body – it gives you a lot of energy needed for your body to function optimally. Besides that, honey can change your eye color significantly as well.

Onions can change the color of your iris


Thanks to the sulfur compounds and vitamin C, onions can change the color of your eyes. Furthermore, eating enough onions can help reduce insomnia and depression. So try to consume onions on a regular basis to get all the benefits of this awesome ingredient.

Eat enough fish

Try to include fish in your diet to change your eye color permanently. The science behind it is that fish contains a lot of vitamins A, D, K, C, B and E, magnesium, and phosphorus. Fish is also one of the most versatile meats that you can use in many recipes.

Spinach for brighter eyes

If you want your eye color to look brighter, try consuming a lot of spinach. Thanks to its high amount of vitamin A and iron, your eyes will look much brighter than before. Additionally, spinach also contains zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein that make your eyes look more youthful.


So these are some super foods that can change your eye color healthily and naturally. No harmful chemicals or harsh procedures that can cause you pain or anything like that. These foods are not only useful for changing the color of your eyes, but they are also healthy and can be eaten every day.


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