A lot of people take CBD for anxiety, but does CBD get you high, too? Read on to understand what happens when you try CBD.
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Does CBD Get You High? All Your Questions Answered

Did you know that one in seven Americans already use CBD? It’s suitable for use by a massive range of people and many people report that CBD’s effects help them manage pain, anxiety, and other issues.

Yet if you’re going to try CBD, you might be cautious. This is particularly true if you’ve never smoked weed since CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant.

One common question that new users have is “does CBD get you high?” In this article, we’re going to take a look at whether you can get high on CBD, and we’ll also answer some other very common CBD questions.

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The Big Question: Does CBD Get You High?

In short, the answer to this question is “no.” When you smoke marijuana, the compound that gets you high is THC, which is entirely different from CBD. You aren’t going to experience a high similar to marijuana from CBD, not unless it also contains THC.

However, CBD is still psychoactive. Hemp flower that is rich in CBD will produce a feeling similar to being stoned, a feeling of deep relaxation and heaviness in limbs, etc. That being said, it will still be missing the mental aspect of marijuana, the upbeat and creative high of THC.

In most use cases though, you won’t be taking anywhere near enough CBD to feel these effects. If you follow the instructions on the bottle of CBD tincture or other CBD products, you will ingest a fairly small amount of CBD.

The only mental effects that you’re likely to feel with this much CBD are a slight relaxation or a slight increase in focus. This relaxation is one of the reasons that CBD is popular with people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety,

So, the longer answer isn’t quite as simple as the short answer we gave. You may be able to get a stoned feeling on CBD if you take a lot of it, but in most use cases, you will feel no or few mental effects.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

If you live in an area where cannabis is still illegal, you may be wondering whether you can buy CBD without getting raided by the police. The answer is slightly complex. 

In the United States, CBD is legal on a federal level, as long as it doesn’t include too much THC. However, each state has its own regulations. In the overwhelming majority of states, CBD is legal, but it isn’t in South Dakota, Iowa, or Idaho. 

This is of course, subject to change, and you should double-check your local laws. Outside of the US, CBD is legal in Canada, the UK, and many other countries. To get yours today visit online dispensary.

How Can I Take CBD?

If the positive effects of CBD have got you interested, you may be wondering how you can take it. There is a load of different ways that you can take CBD.

Perhaps the most common way to take CBD is by using CBD oil. This is a tincture of CBD in oil, which you take by holding it under your tongue for around  30 seconds to a minute, and then swallowing it.

If you’d rather not take it this way, you can also take CBD topically via a balm or cream. This is especially popular among people who use CBD to treat localized pain or skin issues.

If you’ve smoked weed before or have a vape, you can buy vapeable CBD oil that works in any device or you can buy CBD flower, which you can roll up into a joint and smoke.

How Long Does CBD Take to Kick In?

How long CBD takes to take effect will depend on which method you use to take it. If you take CBD sublingually, you can expect to feel effects within an hour. If you vape CBD, you’ll feel it within minutes, as it gets into your bloodstream faster.

Once the CBD has taken effect, you’ll feel its effects for around 1-3 hours with most products, while some will work for around 6 hours.

Will CBD Show Up If I’m Tested?

If you have random drug tests at work or college, you may be worried about CBD showing up on the drug test. On its own, CBD will not show up on a drug test, as very few people are interested in testing for CBD.

However, as CBD is often made from the marijuana plant, it can sometimes contain trace amounts of THC, which will show up on a drug test. If you are likely to be drug tested, you may wish to avoid using CBD.

Can I Use CBD If I Take Medications?

This is a difficult question to answer, as some medications do interact with CBD to produce adverse effects. If you take any medications, you should speak to your doctor before you start to use CBD.

There is no way for us to say whether or not it is safe for you to use CBD. If you do not take any medications, it is likely to be safe to use CBD.

Common CBD Questions: Answered

As we saw with the very first question “does CBD get you high,” the answer to most of these questions is somewhat multifaceted. For most people, however, CBD is very safe to take. We would recommend speaking to your physician before you start taking it, however.

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