How Common is a Forklift Accident in a Warehouse?

You probably don’t think of forklift accidents as being familiar. After all, forklifts are a tried and true form of transportation used to move and shift vast amounts of materials in warehouses and other areas.

But just because an accident isn’t shared doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. And sometimes, that possibility is what ends up happening.

Are you worried about being involved in a forklift accident, especially when you are just renting a warehouse? Perhaps you’ve been injured by a forklift and want to keep things from going down that road again.

If you want to know the answer to “How common is a forklift accident warehouse,” keep reading to learn more.

Number of Forklift Accidents Happen Every Year

However, according to OSHA’s most recent figures, 35,000 to 62,000 forklift-related injuries occur yearly. Most incidents happen when the operator needs to be more experienced or moves too quickly.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also suggests that 11 deaths occur yearly. This is due to forklift use in the US alone. These statistics show why worker and employer safety must be a top priority.

Regular safety training and inspections of the machinery should always be undertaken. And proper procedures should be in place when an accident does occur. These steps will help ensure a safe working environment and it will reduce the number of warehouse accidents that occur.

Number of People Die in Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are valuable pieces of equipment in a warehouse setting. As for this, they make heavy lifting much easier for workers. Unfortunately, forklift accidents are not uncommon.

But, many of these accidents result in injury or death. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were about four thousand forklift-related fatalities in 2020 in America. Most of these warehouse accidents are due to the negligence of operators using forklifts with insufficient training.

Common collisions, turning accidents, and crashes are all major causes of forklift accidents. These accidents occur due to a need for proper safety protocols. This can result in hazardous environments and fatalities.

Approximately 100 people die each year due to these accidents. The ultimate goal should be to reduce forklift accidents and fatalities. This is done by improving safety protocols and ensuring the operators are properly trained.

Number of Forklift Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Forklift accidents involving pedestrians in a warehouse are less than one may think. In forklift-related events between 2011 to 2017, about six hundred workers died. Every year, more than 7,000 injuries that were not fatal resulted in lost workdays, based on Bureau of Labor Statistics research.

It is necessary proper safety measures, including marked walkways. Driving areas must separate pedestrian and forklift traffic. Despite these precautions, one must always be aware of one’s surroundings.

Forklift accidents involving pedestrians can have serious consequences. This is why it is crucial to seek legal advice if such an incident occurs. Workers comp lawyers can help determine if a person is entitled.

This is for workers’ compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from a forklift accident.

Common Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are the lifeblood of many warehouses. But with that usage comes a greater risk of forklift accidents. Accidents are still uncommon compared to other warehouse activities, but they do occur.

Crushed by Forklift

Incidents like these can be traumatic for everyone involved. It’s important to maintain all safety precautions. Especially when operating machinery in a warehouse and following proper operating instructions.

You must conduct regular maintenance on forklifts. All warehouse workers should wear appropriate protective gear. Particularly when in the vicinity of machinery.

You must be aware of the potential danger and take all appropriate precautions.

Reversing Into a Wall

A forklift accident in a warehouse reversing into a wall is dangerous and costly. Without proper safety training and equipment, the operator of the forklift is at risk of serious injury or death. The impact of the reversing forklift and wall can cause structural damage to the wall and contents held in and around the wall.

Depending on the force of the impact, surrounding objects and personnel may also be hit, adding more potential for injury or damage. All operators should be properly trained in using the forklift’s reversing feature. This is to ensure they are prepared to stop and turn if needed, thus avoiding an accident.

Forklift Rollovers

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to a forklift rollover. These are distracted driving, too much speed, improper loading, and unbalanced loads. The type of forklift used and the condition of the surface on which the forklift is being operated can play a role in rollover accidents.

It is crucial always to maintain safety compliance and procedures. Especially when operating forklifts, it is essential to prevent rollover accidents.

Pedestrian Impacts

Forklift accidents in a warehouse can have significant impacts on pedestrians. A forklift colliding with a pedestrian in a warehouse setting can lead to severe injuries. It is vital to ensure that pedestrians are kept safe from forklift traffic.

Policies should also be in place. This is to regulate the speed of forklifts in congested pedestrian areas. Large signs and strict enforcement of safety regulations can also go a long way.

This will lead to preventing forklift accidents in a warehouse.

Mechanical Failures

Forklift accidents in warehouses can be hazardous. Mechanical failures are one of the leading causes of forklift accidents in warehouses. Forklift operators must check the safety and operation of the forklift before each shift.

This includes inspecting the brakes, steering, lift, and tilt mechanisms. You must do regular full service and maintenance reviews for added safety. Mechanical failures often have a warning before they occur.

This will allow maintenance personnel to repair them.

Preventing Forklift Accident Warehouse

Overall, the forklift accident warehouse accounts for many injuries and fatalities. While these incidents can be prevented with safe work practices and regular maintenance and inspections, they remain a reputable concern.

If you are an employee of a warehouse, be sure to follow safety procedures and contact your supervisor if something seems unsafe.

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