Four Reasons Why a Bail Bondsman is Your Best Option

The judge will establish a bond sum to enable release if you or someone you know is detained for an infraction subject to bail. But, many families cannot afford to pay this amount to the court.

A licensed bail bond agent can post a surety bond on your behalf to secure your release from jail. Here are four reasons why hiring a bail bond company is the best choice:

Available 24/7

Experiencing the arrest of a loved one can be pretty upsetting. It is especially true if the arrest was due to an emergency and they are now stuck in jail awaiting their court date. It is where a bail bonds Statesville near me can help.

Bail bond companies can get people out of jail without the need for them to spend their own money or dip into their savings accounts. They must provide a co-signer/indemnitor and offer some collateral as a promise that the accused person will appear in court as required.

In return for this service, the bail bonds company will charge a small fee based on a percentage of the total bail amount. It is much better than putting the whole sum of money up alone!


A bail bondsman, bond agent, or bond person is a licensed professional who sells surety bonds. To be bail bondsmen, they must pass a pre-licensing class and have continued education classes every year. These courses guarantee they know local and state legislation and how to conduct business legally. They must also stay abreast of any state bail bonding legislation amendments.

Working with a certified specialist is preferable if you ever need to get someone out of jail in Statesville, Iredell County, or any other North Carolina city. This assurance ensures that your loved one will be freed as quickly and painlessly as possible.


A bail bond is a legal process that allows arrested individuals to get out of jail during the pre-trial period. A judge determines the amount during a bail hearing 48 to 72 hours after the arrest based on the crime committed, flight risk, and criminal history. Bail amounts are standardized for many crimes. However, judges have discretion on non-standard cases. Bail bond agents can offer various options to help you get your loved one out of jail. Typically, bail bondsmen charge 10% of the total bond amount for their services.


Bail is a legal process that allows arrested individuals to get out of jail during their pre-trial period. Judges typically set bail amounts after an arrest, and the money guarantees that the person will attend all hearings and comply with other court terms until their case is resolved. A bail bondsman can post a bail bond quickly and discreetly for you or your loved one. After arrest, it typically takes 48 to 72 hours for a person to be freed from jail. A licensed Statesville bail bond agent can expedite this process; many agents are available 24/7.


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