How Can a Child Support Lawyer Help With Child Support Enforcement

Around 13.6 million custodial parents live in the U.S., and many have child support agreements. However, although most couples have child support agreements, many do not receive their payments.

Do you need help with your child support payments? If so, you’re not alone. The best thing you can do is to hire a child support lawyer for help.

A lawyer can help you understand the methods you can use to collect the payments you’re entitled to. Are you ready to learn more?

Keep reading to learn how a lawyer can help you with this problem.

Get the Agreement in Writing

While many couples go to court to get their child support agreements in writing, some rely on verbal agreements. A verbal agreement might work in some cases, but it won’t work in all cases.

Thus, get the agreement in writing. Enforcing a written agreement in court is easier than enforcing a verbal agreement.

When you get married, you may hire a postnuptial agreement lawyer to create an agreement if the marriage doesn’t work. When doing this, you can include details about the child support arrangement.

Lawyers use a child support calculator to determine how much the non-custodial parent should pay the custodial parent. If you need help, find a child support lawyer in your city. 

Contact the Child Support Division

A child support attorney often begins helping a parent by contacting the local child support division. You can do this step yourself, but it’s easier if you have a lawyer.

Your local child support division is responsible for child support enforcement. They act on your behalf, helping you collect the payments you should receive. They use various tactics to collect the money.

For example, they’ll send letters to the other parent, demanding payments from them. 

Pursue Wage Garnishment and Other Options

Hiring a lawyer for child support is the best way to collect child support money. A lawyer knows all the best child support recovery methods and chooses the right options for your case.

For example, the lawyer might suggest wage garnishment. You’ll receive your payments on time if the court agrees to garnish the other parent’s wages. The payments come directly out of the person’s paychecks.

Another option to pursue is a property lien. For example, if the non-custodial parent owns a house, the court might agree to place a lien on the property.

With this option, you won’t receive the money right away. However, you will receive it if they sell their house. Then, the money will come directly from the proceeds to you.

Talk to a Child Support Lawyer

You might rely on child support payments when you have custodial rights for your children. However, if you’re not receiving them, you’ll need legal help.

You can contact a child support lawyer for help. A lawyer can explain your legal options for pursuing child support payments from your child’s parent. 

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