Your Guide to Types of Abuse in Elderly People and How to Protect Them

Are you concerned about an elderly loved one’s welfare? You might be wondering if they’re victims of abuse.

Neglect, psychological abuse, and financial abuse are the most common. These shocking facts state the need for greater awareness for the elderly and their loved ones.

If your elderly parent or friend shows one or more signs of elder abuse, you must take action immediately. Here’s your guide to the types of abuse of elderly people and how you can help.

Psychological Maltreatment

Psychological maltreatment is one of the most common forms of abuse for older people. It is often called “silent abuse” because it’s the least visible. It includes behaviors such as verbal abuse, intimidation, humiliation, and isolation.

These can range from anxiety or depression to changes in appetite or sleep patterns. It is important to be aware of this type of abuse and take steps to protect older adults. If you care for an older adult, encourage them to express their feelings and provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Make sure conversations are respectful, and never use threats or insults. Take any proof of abuse and immediately report them to the right authorities. Show your support for the elderly, and do not allow them to be isolated or ignored.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of elderly people is a sad reality in our society. They can be targets in various ways, including physical discipline, neglect, and desertion. These can be hitting, slapping, pushing, cornering, or restraint.

These acts of violence can have devastating effects, such as physical and emotional trauma, depression, and even death. Elderly people, who may be unable to defend themselves, often suffer in silence or cannot access help.

To protect them from physical abuse, it is vital to have support networks in place. This includes family, friends, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. These people can watch and intervene when abuse is suspected.

If you suspect physical abuse, it is important to report it. Victims of elder abuse and their families can find help from their doctor, a local police department, or a social services agency.

You can also get in touch with Berberian Ain LLP for some support. They have attorneys who are hands-on with their cases and will always be available to help you. It is important to reach out for help and make sure that the elderly person is safe from physical abuse.

Financial Exploitation

The financial exploitation of elderly people is a growing issue. Often referred to as “elder financial abuse,” it occurs when someone, usually a close family member or friend. Misuses or takes the assets or resources of an elderly person without their consent.

These individuals can be subject to financial loss, identity theft, and fraud. There are many ways to protect elderly people from such exploitation. One is to have them join a care group or community with individuals who can help protect them.

Create a realistic budget to check their financial situation and determine necessary expenses. Make sure to secure their financial information and not give out personal data.

Understanding Different Types of Abuse in Elderly People

Since types of abuse in elderly people are most vulnerable, it is important to recognize the signs and take steps to protect them. We can all be advocates for the elderly and be their partners in the fight against elder abuse.

Use the information in this guide to stay vigilant and report any suspected abuse. Stand together and protect our elderly population from any potential harm.

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