It is essential to hire a car accident lawyer that will best represent your specific case. Make sure to ask your potential lawyer these 5 important questions.

5 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Car Accident Lawyer

Around 33% of auto accident claims are settled before they ever go to court.

If you are involved in an auto accident, you will want to seek out the services of a car accident lawyer to make sure that you can settle your case with the best outcomes.

Before you hire an attorney, you should take a moment to interview potential candidates to make sure they are the best fit for the role.

Read on to discover the five questions you should ask when hiring to help you find the best car accident lawyer.

1. How Many Cases Have You Handled?

When you hire a law firm to take charge of your case, you want to be sure that they have the experience in the field to back up their words. Speak with your attorney about how many cases they have handled in the past and any success record they can refer you to.

Inexperienced lawyers may not have the expertise you need to win your case if it goes to court. Visit their workspace and offices. Do they have a professional setup?

You will want somewhere like a professional office space to talk with your representation as your case progresses.

2. How Much Do You Charge?

Before you hire a lawyer or law firm, you need to understand how much their services will cost. Ask them how much they charge per consultation and ask them to break down costs by whichever metric they use.

They may charge by the hour or for a predefined number of hours working on your case. Ask them if they offer a no-win, no-fee option with their payment coming from the other side on successful completion of the case.

3. Have You Handled A Case Like Mine Before? Did It Go To Trial?

As well as general experience, it is essential to know if your lawyer is experienced with auto accident legal cases. Ask about whether they have previous experience of your specific concern.

If so, did they take that case to court, and did they win? They may not have had to take the case to court, and if this is the case, be sure to ask them about how they settled.

4. Can I Speak With Your Previous Clients?

If your attorney can produce evidence of previous cases, ask them if you would be able to speak to these clients personally. They may not be telling you the whole story, and it is good to get another perspective from a previous client.

If they are extremely hesitant to do this, it could be a bad sign, and you should proceed with caution. Some cases and clients may be confidential, so do not push too heavily for information. Still, a reputable firm should provide you with referees for their previous cases.

5. Will You Handle My Case Personally?

It is essential to know who will be handling your case before entering the courtroom. In a larger firm of personal injury attorneys, you may not be speaking to the individual who will go on to represent you in court.

It is vital to build a rapport with the lawyer who will be your representative so ask to speak with them directly if they are not the person taking down your case.

Find The Best Car Accident Lawyer For You

When looking for a car accident lawyer, it is crucial to prepare. Use this article as a starting point for some questions you need to ask of those representing you in court. You need to be confident in your attorney if you want to win your case.

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