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Florida Man July 23 – Cartwheeling away

July 23 is coming at you with a lot of stories involving Florida man. But then again, there is always something new when it comes to Florida man.

But July 23 has some of the best Florida man stories that I am about to tell you. Believe me, these stories involving cartwheeling and Dragon Ball Z blanket are both funny and crazy.

Florida man July 23 – evading the police

This event was fully caught on camera. It was started by a man who is doing flips and cartwheels in the middle of the roadway – blocking the traffic. He did flips and cartwheels a few times before getting out of breath and lay down on the ground.

Later, the same man was caught on camera trying to evade arrest from the cops. He didn’t run away, but he was cartwheeling away from the cops. The Florida man was taken down multiple times, but he always managed to slip out of the cop’s grasp.

His cartwheeling attempt managed to surprise the police, but he didn’t get far away before getting caught again. After he got arrested, the cartwheeling man was identified as Gianfranco Fernandez, 40.

Fernandez was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

July 23 – biting his brother’s penis

Have you ever been so angry that you bite someone’s penis off? Well, this is what happened in Florida when a Florida man gets angry.

The story begins when the Florida man found his brother having sex with his cousin on his favorite Dragon Ball Z blanket. It is still unclear what made the Florida man angry here, his brother having sex on his favorite Dragon Ball Z blanket or his brother having sex with his cousin? We might never know the answer, and there are still many other questions in our heads.

When the Florida man was arrested, he said “he regrets nothing” and “this way it will never ever happen again.” His cousin though was upset about what he did, she called him a “savage”, and she hopes he rots in prison forever.

The brother on the other hand received treatment in a hospital with several injuries. He might never be able to have sex again because his penis was completely decimated.


There you have it, two Florida man stories that happened on July 23. If July 23 is your birthday, then you know what else happened on the same day. Or perhaps you love Dragon Ball Z and know why the guy got angry.


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