CBD has become extremely popular over the past couple years, but what does CBD feel like? These are the main things to know about CBD.
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What Does CBD Feel Like? The Effects Explained

CBD is crossing the country. 14 percent of Americans say that they use products with CBD. It is completely safe and does not lead to harmful drug addictions. 

But you shouldn’t go out to the store and buy some CBD products just yet. You should understand how you are going to feel after you take it. 

What products are available? How should you start taking CBD? What does CBD feel like?

Answer these questions and you can decide for yourself if CBD is the right extract for you. Here is your quick guide. 

Types of CBD Products

What product you take impacts how you feel. The most common CBD product is oil. 

You can find hemp-derived oil and marijuana-derived oil. Hemp plants contain little THC, which can induce a high. Visit websites like pinnaclehemp.com to read more about hemp products. 

Marijuana plants may contain THC. Though manufacturers remove as much of it as possible, some amounts may remain. You may feel an intoxicating effect. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains many different chemical compounds. It can have THC, CBN, and CBG. Full-spectrum oil can make you high or euphoric. 

In addition, you can now find water soluble CBD for sale online from suppliers such as LaurelCrest. Water-soluble CBD has the advantage of increased bioavailability and absorption, and can also be easier to consume than some of the other more traditional oils. 

You can also find CBD edibles. You can purchase gummies, chocolates, and teas with CBD in them. Creams and lotions can contain the extract as well. 

Taking CBD 

How you take CBD is another major determinant of your feeling. You can mix oil into drinks, or you can take it straight. 

If you swallow the oil, you may notice its effects in a few hours. You can place oil underneath your tongue in an area that has numerous blood vessels. This lets you feel the effects within a few minutes. 

Edibles take an hour or longer to kick in. They must pass through the digestive system to work. 

Creams and lotions provide the most immediate effects. They travel straight into your nerves and blood vessels so you feel an instant change. 

The CBD Feeling 

Every person has their own experience with CBD. In general, most people feel relaxed after consuming it. Your sense of relaxation may be so powerful that you will fall asleep. 

Some people feel more awake. They can pay attention to their work and the people around them. A few people report feeling a mental fog lift after taking CBD. 

A few people with anxiety have reported benefits. They say that their thoughts slow down and they stop feeling restless. Scientific research into the benefits of CBD is still ongoing, but it may help with anxiety. 

So What Does CBD Feel Like? 

Many people ask, “What does CBD feel like?” That depends on a few things. 

The first factor is what form of CBD you take. If you take marijuana oil, you can expect a psychedelic effect because it has THC. You should order hemp oil instead.

The second is how you administer CBD. You can ingest it in the form of edibles, which will delay your effects. 

For quick administration, place oil underneath your tongue. You expect a relaxing effect. But you may become more energized.  

Inform yourself and you can inform your health. Follow our coverage for more CBD guides. 


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