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Can You Suffer From Heat Exhaustion Inside?

Did you know that around 1,300 Americans die from heatstroke each year? This happens after they suffer from exertional heatstroke, which is when athletes or ordinary people overdo it on a hot day.

But hot weather isn’t the only reason you’d suffer from this condition. Not many people realize that it’s also related to sedentary lifestyles and drinking too much alcohol. And ironically, there are reports of people suffering from heat exhaustion inside.

So this article takes a detailed look at the causes of heat exhaustion. Stay with us to equip yourself against it this summer.

Inadequate Ventilation

Yes, people can suffer from heat stroke even indoors. This happens when they are exposed to an environment with inadequate ventilation. This can be due to a poor air circulation system, lack of open windows, and excessive heat.

In an enclosed space, the temperature can quickly escalate and lead to heat exhaustion. Rising temperatures can make it difficult to breathe and can lead to a condition known as hyperthermia. This is when the body’s temperature suddenly rises due to a heated environment.

So it’s important to ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation in your home to avoid situations of heat exhaustion. If your AC breaks, you also need to make sure you have a 24 hour heating and cooling service on call for emergency AC repair.

Physical Activity

Yes, you can suffer from heat exhaustion inside, especially if the activity you are doing is physical. For example, those who are exercising in an overly-heated room or with a sustained workload can suffer from heat exhaustion.

Sweating, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue are all symptoms of heat exhaustion. So you need to take breaks often when doing physical activity indoors to drink water and cool down throughout the workout.

Additionally, acclimatizing yourself beforehand to the room temperature is important. This will ensure that your body is prepared for any activity you undertake indoors. Heat exhaustion can be serious, and the best prevention is to make sure you stay hydrated and take breaks when necessary.

Occupancy and Overcrowding

Indoor heat stroke can certainly occur indoors, especially if occupancy or overcrowding is an issue. When people are packed tightly into a building, the amount of oxygen and circulation of air decreases. This can create a closed-off space that becomes much hotter than its outdoor counterpart.

The body needs oxygen and cool air to regulate its temperature and without it will suffer. And people near one another can create a heat island effect, in which the body heat of those inside a room creates a higher temperature. Without proper air circulation and limited occupancy, bodies will turn into heat exhaustion cases.

Heat Exhaustion Is Possible Even When You’re Inside

Heat exhaustion can be a dangerous health issue, no matter whether you are inside or outside. So take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses and know how to recognize the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

To stay safe, avoid crowded, poorly-ventilated areas when temperatures are high and stay hydrated. If you believe you are suffering from heat exhaustion, contact a medical professional immediately. Don’t hesitate. 

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