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5 Common Mistakes in Gun Safety and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re new to firearms or a seasoned veteran, there’s a lot to consider when handling guns.

With the potential for serious, life-altering accidents, gun safety training is paramount. Millions of dollars and thousands of lives are lost each year because of mishandling a firearm.

Many of these issues stem from simple day-to-day handling. If you want to stay safe, it’s important to keep problems in check.

Here, we’ll go over common mistakes in gun safety and how to avoid accidents. Keep these in mind as you use your firearm and stay safe.

1. Improper Storage

Improper storage can include storing a gun carelessly in an easily accessible place such as the glove compartment or under the seat of a car, or failing to use a trigger lock. To avoid these mistakes, keep your gun in a lock box or secure safe when it is not in use.

Always practice responsible and proper gun storage and keep the gun and ammunition separately in different, locked containers. Gun owners should install locking devices to keep guns out of the hands of children and other unauthorized persons.

2. Not Checking for a Loaded Gun

It is always important to make sure a gun is unloaded to prevent any unwanted tragedy or injury. To avoid this type of mistake, always follow the safety manual that comes with the gun and take the time to check the weapon both visually and physically. Make sure to look through the barrel, slide, and action to make sure the chamber and magazine well are empty.

3. Neglect of Gun Cleaning and Maintenance

Neglecting to keep a weapon clean and maintained can lead to catastrophic and even deadly outcomes in the wrong hands. To avoid this mistake, all gun owners should routinely and thoroughly clean and maintain their firearms.

This includes regularly cleaning the gun barrel, wiping away built-up dirt and grit, and lubricating any moving parts.

4. Using the Wrong Ammunition and Magazine

Using the wrong ammunition can cause a serious misfire and possibly injure the shooter and anyone nearby. Using the wrong magazine can lead to the gun operating improperly and potentially causing serious injury. To avoid these mistakes it is essential that you are using the correct type of ammunition, especially when you have an extended capacity magazine for the firearm.

5. Not Renewing the Firearm License

Firearm licenses are renewed annually and it’s important to renew them regularly to remain compliant with laws and regulations. A firearm license should also be updated if the person’s address changes or if they want to add or remove categories of firearms from the license.

To avoid making this mistake, set a calendar reminder and keep a record of all firearms on the license. A responsible gun owner should always double-check state or count regulations to make sure the license is up-to-date.

Learning to Avoid Mistakes in Gun Safety Is Worth the Time

It is important to always practice and avoid mistakes in gun safety. You can become a responsible and safe gun owner when you become knowledgeable and understand the basics of maintaining, loading, storing, and using a firearm. Take the time now to research and educate yourself on firearm safety.

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