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Trendspotting: Wallpaper Trends for the Year Ahead

In an era where home décor is rapidly evolving, wallpaper designs have not been left behind. As our tastes in fashion and styles transform, so does our choice in wallpaper patterns. What seemed modern and visually pleasing two decades ago could appear outdated and unattractive today.

This year, wallpaper fashion is incredibly diverse, proving that there’s a style out there for everyone. So when choosing a wallpaper for walls make sure you know about these trends beforehand. Let’s delve into the trending wallpaper styles of 2023 and beyond.

1. Riding the Wave with Stripes

The first trend making a splash in 2023 is wavy stripes. These wave-inspired patterns are perfect for refreshing your interior space, creating a sense of fluidity while elongating walls. Brands like Lick and Lust Home are leading the wavy stripe trend with designs that evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation, ideal for fostering mindfulness at home.

2. Experiencing the Joy of Dopamine Decorating

The second trend, dopamine decorating, is all about using vibrant, mood-enhancing wallpapers to create spaces that evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Whether you’re sprucing up your office space or bedroom, dopamine-inspired wallpaper designs can make your home beam with positivity.

3. The Retro 1970s Resurgence

The third trend is a throwback to the 1970s. Retro designs are expected to make a comeback in 2023. To achieve this look, opt for wallpapers featuring large-scale geometrics on repeating prints, vibrant colors, and curved edges. Pair your wallpaper with rattan furniture and shaggy rugs for a complete 70s vibe.

4. Going Big with Large-Scale Prints

In 2023, large-scale prints and striking murals are expected to dominate the wallpaper scene. These designs add color and dimension to a room and create a bold impact that paint alone can’t achieve.

5. Embracing Nature with Tropical and Botanical Prints

Another hot trend in 2023 is tropical and botanical prints. These designs offer escapism and create a sensory journey by bringing the outside in. Large blousy floral designs are perfect for this trend.

6. Getting Creative with Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

In 2023, we will see more creative use of wallpaper. From lining bookcases and cupboards to adding visual interest to plain furniture and staircases, wallpaper will be used in unexpected places.

Sara Miller’s Prediction

Sara Miller, Interior Designer and founder of Sara Miller London, predicts that papering ceilings, also known as the fifth wall, will increase in popularity in 2023. This is a great way to carry over certain style choices without being too overwhelming.

7. The Maximalism Movement

Maximalism is another trend making waves in 2023. This style is all about dense, complex designs with tons of details to admire. With a maximalist design, your walls can transform into a lush jungle of sorts.

8. Splashing Colors on Walls

If you’re looking to add cheer to your room, colorful wallpaper designs are the way to go. These designs exhibit a palette of bright, fun colors, making your room warm and playful.

9. Making a Statement with Murals

Mural wallpapers are intended to display a continuous image or design that naturally draws the eye. This style is a brilliant option for any homeowner who wants their wallpaper to command attention in 2023.

10. Blooming with Floral Patterns

Floral patterns in wallpaper have always been popular. They create a restful ambiance, making them a great choice for bedrooms or any area dedicated to relaxation.

11. Embracing the Exotic with Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie, a European design inspired by Far East culture, is another wallpaper trend to look out for in 2023. Chinoiserie wallpaper typically displays bright colors and elaborate patterns, perfect for cultivating an exotic or mystical atmosphere.

12. Creating Impact with Feature Walls

A feature wall, often called an accent wall, is typically the first wall seen by visitors when they enter a room. When selecting wallpaper for your feature wall, feel free to choose a dramatic design that might seem overpowering if used for the entire room.


Wallpaper trends for 2023 offer a wide spectrum of styles that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of retro styles, colorful designs, or calming patterns, there’s a wallpaper trend that will suit your personality and transform your home into a stylish sanctuary.


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