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5 Signs It’s Time to Refinish Your Floors

Hardwood floors add beauty and value to any home. However, like any flooring, it will eventually need refinishing. Scratches are inevitable, especially in high-traffic areas. If they go past the stain and penetrate the wood, they create a pathway for water to damage your floors. The gray discoloration indicates that the polyurethane protection has worn away, causing the wood to absorb moisture and turn gray. Refinishing the flooring will eliminate splinters and even the surface for an appealing look and feel.

Gray or Discolored Areas

Hardwood floors add beauty and value to a home. They also require regular care to keep them looking good. Over time, however, they may begin to show signs of wear and tear that indicate it’s time for refinishing.

Gray or discolored areas on your floors are a sign that the polyurethane finish has been worn down to the point where it no longer protects the wood. This serious issue should be addressed soon to prevent more severe damage to the floorboards.

Chips or Gaps

Real wood floors will naturally chip, scratch, and gouge over time. This is normal and can give your home a rustic or cottage look, but it also indicates that the protective stain is beginning to wear down. If the scratches reach the actual wood, they can be vulnerable to water damage and may require replacement.

While a little cupping and crowning of the panels is normal as the floor contracts and expands, significant gaps should be a major warning sign. Gaps that persist can often be filled with wood putty for a quick and inexpensive solution. It’s also a good idea to refinish your flooring when you see gaps not caused by natural contraction or expansion. This can prevent moisture from damaging the boards or creating a permanent split that requires replacement.

Extensive Stains

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and durable flooring option, but they do need to be refinished every once in a while. If you’re noticing extensive stains on your hardwood, it’s time to call a service for refinishing.

It’s almost impossible for hardwood floors not to become scratched or dented in some places over the years, especially areas like doorways and hallways, as well as underneath furniture regularly moved around. However, if the scratches go deeper than just into the surface of the wood, this is a more serious issue and needs to be addressed. This damage opens the floor to water damage, eventually leading to warping or mold growth. Reapplying stain to the affected boards won’t solve this problem and will only change the color of the wood.

Scratches or Dents

Scratches are a natural part of any floor. However, consider refinishing your floors if scratches go deeper into the wood. This will help prevent further water damage and make your home look newer.

You can repair these dents or gouges using wood putty, but this won’t give your flooring a nice, uniform appearance and will likely stand out as a patchwork. A professional floor refinishing service Ramsey NJ provider will sand the area, fill in any dents or gouges, and refinish the floor. If your floors are sun-bleached, refinishing is the best option. The sun bleaching isn’t a huge problem, but it can make the floors appear dull and unhealthy. Refinishing will bring back the hardwoods’ original color and help protect them from further damage.

Sun Damage

Sunlight can fade hardwood floors, especially if windows and large area rugs surround them. If you notice severe discoloration in areas previously covered by a rug or furniture, it’s time to refinish your floors.

Graying or other discoloration is a clear sign that the polyurethane coating on your wood boards has worn off. This allows the wood to absorb water, which causes it to oxidize and change color. The stain will turn black if left unchecked, and you must replace your hardwood floors. Scratches and dents are a part of life with hardwood floors, but excessive discoloration, gapping, or chipping indicates that your floors need refinishing to look their best. Contact a professional service to refinish your wood floors and protect them from future damage.


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