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Angela Robinson-Witherspoon Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon is a famous filmmaker, producer, and actress. She has appeared in many shows such as Ugly Betty, Joan of Arcadia, and many more.

Many fans are still curious about her, so in this article, I am going to talk about her bio, age, family, and of course, net worth.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon’s early life

Not much is known about Angela Robinson-Witherspoon’s personal life, other than she was born on 26 August 1954 and is now 66 years old. She completed her study in a popular university too.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon has always been a secretive person, so it’s really not a surprise. Besides, her achievement is enough to satisfy her fans and keep private matters private.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon’s professional life

Angela started his career in acting as a cast of 48 Hours, alongside Eddie Murphy. She was recommended by the producer himself, Joel Silver. And the director of 48 Hours, Walter Hill, cast Angela in another movie titled Crossroads, to accompany Ralph Macchio.

Her career took off since then, and she got the opportunity to star Jungle Warriors in 1983. Angela Robinson-Witherspoon traveled to Mexico and stayed there for five days to film it. The most surprising thing is, she did all her stunts herself and that certainly impressed her co-worker, Dennis Hopper. She also said that she had the pleasure of firing an AK-47 while filming.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon traveled again to the Cannes Film Festival, this time in 1985. She even had dinner together with the director, Howard Avedis, who then cast her again in Kidnapped, alongside David Naughton. She also met her future husband, John Witherspoon, while filming.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon then continued to star in many films, such as Joan of Arcadia, Soul Plane, L.A. Law, Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty, Black Jesus, The Moment After, and My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

After a long hiatus, Angela Robinson-Witherspoon returned to the stage and did a full production of, Loose Knit, a Theresa Rebeck play at the Jewel Box Theatre. For now, Angela has been credited 30 times on IMDB.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon’s movies

Angela pursued her career as a filmmaker as well and has directed and produced several movies. In 2013, she directed her first short film, titled Last Call. Soon after that, she produced and directed a short documentary on Betye Staar. The documentary got its recognition in 2017.

It didn’t stop there, Angela Robinson-Witherspoon wrote and directed a short silent film called Sunset & Neverland. She also produced and directed the movie Wish Me Luck.

In 2021, she is going back to her first short documentary on Betye Staar – planning to release a full-length documentary. She is going to be producing and directing the documentary.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon is also working with many young talents such as Maia Modeste and Juhahn Jones. She is planning on working with an original script written by Jahmela B. Yarbrough. As always, Angela Robinson-Witherspoon is very busy with her career, and we’ll see her creations soon.

Thankful note to her coach

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon has stated that she wouldn’t be here today if not because of her coach, Richard Lawson. Richard was the one who encouraged her to become a filmmaker. She is very grateful to him and will always remember her coach.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon’s net worth

According to the latest report, Angela’s net worth is somewhere at $3 million. Her main earnings come from her profession as an actress, director, producer, and writer.

Angela Robinson-Witherspoon’s personal life

Angela met her husband, John Witherspoon, in 1987 at the Cannes Film Festival. The encounter was initiated by her when she encouraged John to let her support him with materials for a stand-up. John replied back by begging Angela to let him support her throughout her career.

They got married not long after that, on 27 June 1986. Unfortunately, John died 32 years later on 29 October 2019. The family wanted privacy when announcing John’s death. Angela Robinson-Witherspoon only posted a single picture on her Instagram after that, with a caption “Just in shock.”

From the marriage, they have two sons, John David JD Witherspoon and Alexander Witherspoon. JD has a talent for stand-up comedy.


Despite being very private with her personal life, you can her daily life on her Facebook and Instagram, mostly on Instagram though. You can see various pictures there from herself, her friends and family, and other stuff. Including the latest updates on her films and documentaries.


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