Are you looking for girl's night ideas to bond with your besties? Use this incredible list to plan your ultimate girl's night in.

5 Fun Girls Night Ideas to Have a Blast With Your Besties

Did you know that friendship bonds are valued more by ladies than by our male counterparts? There’s something to be said about how women can thrive in an environment of positivity and supportive friendships. 

That’s why having girls’ nights are an absolute must for those of us who have two X chromosomes. 

But oh boy, where to begin? Bonding with your besties is top of your list, so keep reading to get the lowdown on girls night ideas and how you can plan an incredible evening! 

1. Old School Pajama Party 

Oh yeah! Dig out your favorite fluffy pajamas, all your nail polishes, the popcorn maker, and every pillow in the house. 

Now, boot out anybody that has face stubble! 

Throw on some old-school tracks, curl each other’s hair, paint your nails, and just be in the moment with your besties. Make sure to have plenty of chardonnay available and just bond over a few glasses of wine! 

2. Pamper Party 

We don’t all have the time or the money available to book a full day at a spa for all-day massages and facials. 

But, you can bring the pampering home for you and your girlfriends. Set up an at-home pamper party complete with face masks, foot rub stations, hair treatments, and even little cucumbers for your eyes!

It’ll be great for making memories, and good for your skin too! Exchanging best friend bracelets is also a nice touch which will bring your friendships to a deeper level.

3. Naughty Pamper Party 

We girls share everything with our best friends, including the details of our sometimes exciting or sometimes boring sex lives. 

Throwing a naughty pamper party for these reasons: creating a safe place to discuss your sexuality, or simply feeling comfortable enough to talk about what pushes your buttons, that’s good enough! 

There’s no place better to ask questions you’ve always been dying to ask (for example, if you’ve been wondering whether hormone enhancers like True Pheromones are a good idea to help you spice things up, now is the perfect moment!), plus you should get some good giggles out of it too! 

4. Karaoke Like Stars 

It’s probably unlikely that the next Mariah Carey is amongst your group of close besties, but there’s no reason you can’t throw on your most sparkly dresses, your highest heels, and have a karaoke night! 

Spice it up by allocating divas to each guest, and each of you should dress up like Beyonce or Lady Gaga, get into character, and belt out those tunes! Or, if you want something even better, why not get some Beyonce tickets and attend her live concert for a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

5. Campfires and Camp-outs 

If you or one of your besties has a backyard available then this is a great idea! 

Think old school summer camp vibes, a small fire in the center for roasting marshmallows, tree trunks as chairs, and tepee tents! Bring flashlights and your best ghost stories, it’s going to be a long night! 

Going for Gold With Girls Night Ideas 

This list of girls night ideas was a quick, fun one that will be sure to give the right atmosphere for you to just take the time out, chill with your besties, and ultimately just bond! 

Ensure that you keep in mind what all your friends are fond of, and what they don’t like so that everybody is happy! 

Head on over to the relationships section if you’re looking for more great content about the people closest to you. 


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