A Homemade Christmas: 101

There is nothing quite like settling down on Christmas Day, everyone’s stomachs full, and a classic Hollywood movie on the television. To encapsulate the holidays and for a heightened feeling of sentimental coziness this year, why not enhance the homemade feel?

Here is how to organize a homemade Christmas: 101.

Homemade Edible Gifts

Firstly, and especially pertinent if you are someone who absolutely loves baking around the festive period, when it comes to choosing the gifts for your nearest and dearest, it is time to create some homemade bakes they will all adore.

Just a selection of some fantastic edible goodies to gift to your family and friends over the holidays include the following:

  • Spiced Christmas jam with cranberries and orange
  • White chocolate crackle cookies
  • Rosemary and cheese savory biscuits
  • Polar Bear peppermint creams
  • Apple pie cookies
  • Hot chocolate melting stirrers

Make Your Own Christmas Tree

Unless the only pet in your home is a goldfish, when it comes to where to position the Christmas tree, you have to take into account the height at which the cat can jump or how much the branches resemble the perfect bunny chew toy.

You may already be aware that there are pet-friendly Christmas trees on the market, most notably upside-down trees that are affixed to the ceiling rather than the floor to keep out of reach of curious paws.

If, however, you would like to take your homemade Christmas plan to the next level, you could make your own tree, which has the dual benefit of sticking to your theme and also being sustainable in terms of helping to protect the environment.

Recycled paper with hole punches and string make for a natural and neutral brown-tone tree, leftover wrapping paper and ribbons can come together to produce a beautiful miniature tree for the mantlepiece or windowsill, and bringing together different succulents would be perfect for a passionate plant parent.

Handmade Decorations

Another beautiful idea to decorate your Christmas tree this year is to suggest to your children and even your partner to embark upon a new project to handmake their own baubles.

You could either visit a reputable online store, such as and invest in a couple of stunning Christmas hanging decorations to start you off on your discovery of handmade Christmas tree ornaments or get straight in there with a needlepoint kit.

Handmade Unique Wrapping Paper

Finally, to protect your gifts and add the finishing touches, you could turn your attention to creating your own entirely unique and handmade Christmas wrapping paper.

If you have plain, metallic, or pastel (works best) leftover wrapping paper, invest in a variety of different stencils to create beautiful wintery prints on each sheet, or use the stencils with gold metallic paint on plain brown parcel paper.

Other ideas for your own Christmas wrap include making gift bags to enclose the presents rather than wrapping them, using brightly colored and festive-themed washi tape, and even experimenting with plain white paper and your own hand-drawn creations.


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