3 Most Popular Online Slots in 2023

One lucky gambler won a gigantic $20,062,600 on an online slot game in 2015. This is a world record win, and no doubt you’d be delighted if you were to pick up a much smaller jackpot!

Before you start playing online slots though, you need to choose from the many different options on a casino’s website. However, trying to pick slots that look the most entertaining and profitable can be time-consuming when all you really want to do is to win money.

To make it easier for you to get started, you can quickly read about 3 brilliant online slot games that are available in 2023.

Let’s find out more about these exciting internet-based slots.

1. Great Wall

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this game has a Great Wall of China theme. There is a 5×3 reel, 20 fixed paylines, and the option to bet from a minimum of $0.20 up to a maximum of $20 per spin.

Unless you have a generous bankroll, it’s probably best to start with small wagers to reduce the risk of running out of money at an early stage. As well as real cash, there is the chance to win free spins which you can use to make risk-free bets. 

Overall, the Great Wall is a fun online casino game that comes with a reasonable 96.23% RTP.

2. Dolphin Reef

When playing slot games online, it’s nice to be presented with bright graphics, and the Dolphin Reef game delivers. If you’re not keen on wagering too much of your cash at the beginning, there is the option to bet as little as $0.01.

While this might appeal to some gamblers, the maximum bet of $5 per coin could put off high-rollers. However, as you can gamble up to 10 coins per active playline, of which there are 20, you can still bet $1000 if you’re feeling lucky.

You can adjust the speed of this game, and there’s also a convenient autoplay feature. If you’re comfortable with an RTP of 96%, this game could be a fun way to try and win some extra cash.

3. Great Blue

There’s a lot to like about this online slot game, but let’s start off with the bad. The Great Blue game has an RTP of only 94.25% and there is high volatility, which may put off players who want to have a greater chance of winning. 

In saying that, there is the potential to win big. You can bet up to $50 per coin, and the maximum win is 500,000 coins. That could be enough incentive to attract optimistic gamblers.

With a pleasing interface, this may be the right option for a gambler who’s willing to take a long-term approach to their online casino games.

Have an Entertaining Time Playing Online Slots

Playing online slots can be both fun and lucrative. The games we’ve covered look great and offer players the chance to make additional money in their spare time. The key is to find slot games at online casinos that keep you entertained while giving you enough of a chance of success to encourage you to keep playing.

You never know when you could hit a big win on an online slot game!

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