Tips For Moving Your Relationship Forward

Relationships should always be moving toward exciting milestones. Even after decades, it’s great if there’s always a ‘next step’ to look forward to.

If things aren’t steadily progressing in some way, they can stagnate. Such can be very dangerous to the longevity of a relationship, and the pandemic proved that the romance could quickly turn sour if folks are stuck in the same dire situation for too long.

Of course, relationships do require a lot of work, too, even when things are going well. The more effort a couple puts into evolving their connection, the more likely they will feel fulfilled.

Even if things are great between you and your SO, they can always get better. Here are some tips to help you both keep moving your relationship forward to even happier days.

Celebrate Anniversaries Well

Relationship anniversaries should always be celebrated. Couples who don’t like to make much fuss should at least do something, and low-key approaches are just as valid too.

Getting the anniversary right is one of the fundamental ways to keep a relationship healthy and moving forward. Even if you strive to make every day feel special for your partner, that date is a golden opportunity to celebrate everything your relationship has been and will continue to be. It’s the ultimate milestone moment.

Why not get creative with these arrangements, too? Many exciting anniversary ideas can appeal to all kinds of people. You could recreate your first date, take a class together, or even just enjoy a movie night, a spa day, or a scavenger hunt. There are so many different ways you can take these occasions, so do some research and decide what type of thing you’d both have fun with. You could change things around every year, too, or not!

Remember, these days don’t always need to be grand occasions full of romantic bluster. They certainly can be, but even if you just want a quiet night in, it doesn’t always mean the anniversary has been a failure by any measure. The important thing is that you do something.

Travel Together

Travelling is full of character-defining experiences. People can transform as a result of their journeys, acquiring new friends, interests, and even views and opinions.

Your relationship can be strengthened by adventure. You and your partner can tick off items on a bucket list or even visit somewhere new and unexpected. Organizing a trip can be complicated, but if you’re doing it together, plan effectively, and feature one another’s preferences on the itinerary, these occasions can be great for teamwork.

Caution is advised, too. Even in 2018, some reports indicated vacation arguments were almost expected between couples. While the odd disagreement is nothing to worry about, they can root relationships in a negative place and waste the potential of good times in a new place. Plan everything together, discuss your expectations for the trip, and be prepared to compromise.

Some circumstances aren’t vacation-related that are fit for travel too. For example, both of you could attend things like work events. That way, you can step into each other’s professional worlds, mix with one another’s colleagues, and understand ‘the other side’ of your partner for a complete impression of them. You may learn new things about each other and view each other differently, giving your relationship an extra tinge of intrigue.

Don’t Forget the PDA

Public displays of affection can make some prudes curl their toes or roll their eyes. However, a bit of PDA can remind you and your partner that your relationship isn’t a secret that must be hidden away behind closed doors.

PDA can keep the love alive and help you enjoy everyday outings a little more. Beautiful memories can be made out of otherwise boring moments. Obviously, you should be respectful to your fellow citizens and not behave too inappropriately, but so long as you’re not making people around you uncomfortable, go crazy.

Moreover, PDA is often one of the first things to go when a relationship is in a rocky or static period. Therefore, it’s important to nurture it. It’s one of the most important non-verbal ways of communicating that you’re still in love and that you’re cherishing the time you spend together. Remember, actions can speak louder than words, which is often the case with PDA.

Reevaluate Ex Dynamics

Some couples break up and have no further communication with their exes for the rest of their lives. Others remain friends. Either approach is valid.

Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure that both you and your partner have healthy attitudes toward your exes. After all, nobody wants to feel like they’re in a ‘backup relationship’, despite that feeling being all too common amongst U.S. couples. It’s not always a person’s imagination alone leading to those fears.

If you’re still friends with your ex, have a frank conversation about why with your partner. There are good reasons for being so, and they should be discussed asap. Ensure that they and your ex aren’t experiencing similar levels of intimacy from you. Your current partner should be your closest confidant and your main priority. Should you no longer be friends with your ex, avoid mentioning them over much in conversation. Your partner should observe the same rules.

Exes can be discussed and even hung out with, but it can be something of a precise science when it comes to how much. It can vary between couples, too. While you shouldn’t control each other’s interactions with others, there should be an honest, healthy discussion about setting boundaries and expectations. After all, your relationship can’t move forward if the past is too strong in both of your lives.

Apologize Effectively

Every couple argues. There are rough patches for everybody, but communication is the key to breaking through it all. Navigated properly, even the darkest periods can lead to the growth of a relationship.

How you deal with turbulence you’ve potentially caused in your relationship can be a huge deciding factor in how far the romance goes. If you falter in stressful situations or fail to express what’s irregular in the relationship, it can stunt the progression of the romance. You must be skilled at taking the rough with the smooth and open up to measured self-critique. 

Apologies have to be very sincere and well-delivered in a relationship. There should be no blame-shifting; instead, there should be an honest reflection of one’s behavior. Describe the mistake you made in detail. Acknowledge the ways you can avoid repeating that error in future. Ensure your partner feels heard out, and express a commitment to keep learning and work through these issues.

Of course, it’s important not to develop a toxic attitude here. One shouldn’t seek out or deliberately cause conflict to make their partner have an epiphany that develops the relationship further. These moments must be organic and handled with maturity on both sides, so keep that at the forefront of your mind if conflict looms.


Relationships can move forward in many ways, from grand gestures to small nuances in everyday occurrences. Attend to them all equally. The general idea is to make the most of the time you and your partner have and keep learning and growing alongside one another. Things may not always work out perfectly, but as long as you both keep contributing to the relationship and are willing to engage, your romance will surely move from strength to strength, even as years go by.


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