When Might You Need a Public Intoxication Lawyer?

There’s nothing wrong with going out for a couple of drinks as long as you’re responsible. Have a designated driver, use public transportation, or call a taxi. Even two drinks can render you legally impaired.

Even if you secure safe transport, getting a little tipsy in public could land you in legal trouble. Depending on the laws of your locality, you could end up needing an attorney.

What Is Public Intoxication?

Although it does vary from place to place, there are parameters that determine if someone could report you to the police and you end up searching for public intoxication defense lawyers. If you have consumed alcohol and your behavior in a public place is deemed inappropriate by a witness, you could be charged with public drunkenness.

What Is Public?

Generally, public is legally defined as any place where you are within the view of the surrounding community. This could include private property, for example, if you were are a party in someone’s backyard with a group of guests, If you are indoors and shielded from the view of outsiders, that would not be considered public.

What Is Intoxicated?

Merely consuming alcoholic beverages does not legally constitute being intoxicated. The definition is when a person has consumed enough alcohol that it visibly changes their behavior. Some indicators are slurred speech, impaired muscle control, and unruly manner or behavior.

What Does the Court Need to Prove?

In order for a court of law to convict you of public intoxication, it must prove that you were intoxicated at the time of the incident and that you were in a public place. This requires witnesses and perhaps a blood alcohol test from the police.

If you are accused of public intoxication, the court must prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. Hire a good attorney who can provide you with a solid defense. 


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