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What to Look for When Choosing a Reliable CDPAP Agency

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program allows consumers to recruit, hire, and manage their caregivers ā€“ including family members and friends. The consumer or their designated representative is responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and terminating the caregiver. This gives the consumer more control over their care and ensures they get help from someone they trust. Plus, their caregiver gets paid through neutral fiscal intermediaries.

Check Credentials

Many home healthcare agencies will employ various healthcare professionals, including home health aides (HHA) and personal care aides (PCA). These employees will usually be licensed and certified by your state. This is an excellent option if you prefer a professional, but it may not be your best fit if you want more control over your care plan.

CDPAP is a New York State Medicaid program allowing consumers to hire paid caregivers. These caregivers can be family members or friends, but the consumer or their representative will be responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and terminating these individuals.

This is a great option for many families who struggle to balance their time between caring for their elderly loved ones and paying the bills. Additionally, CDPAP is a win for caregivers, who often work unpaid and can get compensated for their services through this program. This makes for a more satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Ask for Recommendations

CDPAP is a New York State Medicaid program allowing consumers to recruit and hire personal care attendants. This includes family members (with some exceptions).

Consumers have more control because they interview, hire, train, supervise and schedule their caregivers. They can also line up alternative services if their family member is unavailable.

If a consumer wants to be something other than a self-directing person, they can assign a Designated Representative to take care of those duties on their behalf. It is recommended and sometimes required, that the Designated Representative is not the same person as the caregiver.

While a trusted friend or family member may be the ideal choice for a caregiver, many people prefer a CDPAP agency that offers home health aide services. Choosing the right size ensures the agency has enough staff to provide quality service. It is important that the agency you choose has experience and knows how to navigate the program’s requirements.

Evaluate Agency Services

In New York, the most important factor to remember is that most CDPAP applicants will be enrolled in some form of Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC). Before a consumer can enroll in CDPAP, they must meet all of the following requirements:

Individuals must contact a local agency or fiscal intermediary offering CDPAP services to begin the application process. This person will help them understand the program and provide assistance with completing the required forms. They will also collect the required documentation and determine eligibility. Once the necessary paperwork is complete, the individual can search for a Personal Assistant to hire. While it may seem like the process is a bit complicated, it can be well worth the effort in the long run. By allowing consumers to choose their caregivers, they can get the home healthcare they need without sacrificing time or money. They can also be assured that the caregivers they hire can handle the required tasks.

Look for Experience

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is an innovative Medicaid home healthcare program in New York that allows seniors to “hire” friends or family members to provide home health aide services. The caregivers, known as Personal Assistants, are paid through neutral fiscal intermediaries. Caregivers who are hired through CDPAP can be a huge relief for consumers and their families. Often, these loved ones have been providing care to their loved ones without pay, which has taken its toll on the family. A reliable fiscal intermediary will be intimately familiar with the program’s requirements, and they will know how to make the process simple for their clients. They can help navigate the complex paperwork, gather required documentation, and ensure all payroll and tax paperwork is completed correctly. They will also be able to arrange backup coverage, coordinate other necessary services, and assist with developing a care plan. They will act as the liaison between the consumer and their chosen Personal Assistant.


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