What Eyeglasses Are Popular Now?

Tortoiseshell frames or any eyeglass frames Harrisburg PA are an excellent choice to accentuate your eyes and make your glasses look more streamlined. They are lightweight and go with everything. If you’re looking for something funkier, you can try a bifocal or a pair of wire-rimmed glasses.

Tortoiseshell Frames Flatter Eyes

To create a more elegant look for your eyes, you can opt for tortoiseshell frames. These frames are classy and sophisticated and come in various shapes and color combos. This style of eyeglasses was first created in the early 1900s and hasn’t lost its appeal.

The classic tortoiseshell acetate pattern is flattering for all skin tones and looks great on most people. The warm flecks of color in tortoiseshell frames complement your eyes, face, and hair. Only a few acetates are as versatile as tortoiseshell.

Tortoiseshell frames look great on almost any skin tone, including dark skin. They complement any hair color and look particularly good with long faces. For example, women with brown hair will look beautiful in tortoiseshell glasses. Similarly, those with blonde or ash hair will look beautiful with tortoiseshell frames.

Clear Acetate Frames Soften the Look of Glasses

Acetate is a versatile material that can be tinted or clear and is lightweight. Its natural fibers are more sustainable than synthetic fibers and can absorb C02 emissions. Acetate is also very resistant to fading because it contains aging stabilizers. This makes it an eco-friendly choice for frames.

Acetate is a plant-based plastic made in almost any shape and color. It is also durable, lightweight, and flexible, making it a popular choice for eyewear frames. Its unique properties make it the perfect material for everyday use. In addition, acetate eyewear frames are stylish and eco-friendly, so they’re an excellent choice for people who want to look fashionable without sacrificing durability.

Acetate frames soften the look of glasses while offering various colors and patterns. They can go with any clothing, from business to casual. Compared to metal frames, acetate frames are more versatile and can go with various dresses and styles.

Hexagonal Frames are Oversized Bifocals with More Space to See

Aside from being trendy, hexagon glasses are also a good choice for people with oval and round faces. The shape fits well with these shapes and offers a snug fit. In addition, they are ideal for business meetings. A hexagon frame is available in a variety of materials. However, it’s recommended to avoid buying cheap, fragile hexagon frames. The more durable hexagon frames may be more expensive, so consider your buying budget.

Hexagonal frames provide more space to see. You can find them in almost any shape, from large rectangles to small hexagons. If unsure, you can try on three strengths in the same frame and return them within 30 days. Large online retailers carry over 12,000 bifocal frames and offer a face shape guide to help you choose the right pair.

The principle behind bifocal glasses is simple. The lens of a pair of glasses has two distinct parts – one for distance vision and one for near vision. This allows the wearer to focus on close objects in one area while reading in the other.

Wire-Rimmed Frames Flatter Cheekbones

Wire-rimmed frames flatter cheekbone structure by elongating the temples. They also enhance the top corner of the face, making them flattering for round or square faces. In addition, wire-rimmed frames add depth to the beginning because they can extend past the temples by as much as three millimeters on each side.

Wire-rimmed frames are a timeless look that flatters all face shapes and styles. They can be oversized or classic and go with almost any look. However, if you want to add vintage flair, try wearing ’70s-inspired frames. Dior is one brand that makes a wide variety of ’70s-inspired frames.


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