Signs of a Sex Addict

Often considered a form of self-harming, sex addiction is one that can affect not only the addict themselves but also those around them. If you have been affected this way in the past, knowing the signs of a sex addict can help you to recognize it should it occur again.

So, what are the signs of a sex addict? How do you know if the person in your life is a sex addict?

Read on and get to know more about recognizing the signs of this condition.

Physical Manifestation

There are many physical signs of a sex addict. They may have trouble maintaining erections, have obsessive thoughts or behaviors pertaining to sex, and spend an excessive amount of time thinking about or engaging in sexual activity.

They may be preoccupied with thoughts of sex, spending more time seeking out sexual experiences, or looking at pornography. They may also neglect their personal appearance and hygiene as they prioritize sexual activity over everything else.  

Excessive Preoccupation 

A sex addict is someone who is excessively preoccupied with sex. They may think about sex all the time and feel an overwhelming need to engage in sexual activity.

They may also feel like they cannot control their sexual urges, and may often act on them impulsively. 

Neglecting Important Commitments

A sex addict may neglect important relationships and commitments in order to pursue their addiction. They may neglect their partner, children, job, or other responsibilities in order to engage in sexual activities. 

A spouse’s sex addiction can lead to problems in their personal and professional lives. They may also become isolated and may lose interest in activities that they used to enjoy. Sex addicts may also have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

Secretive and Deceptive

They may use sex as a way to escape from problems or as a way to relieve stress.  If you think you or someone you know may be a sex addict, it is important to seek professional help.

They may lie or make excuses to their loved ones in order to hide their addiction. They may also withdraw from social activities to pursue their addiction.

Acting Out in Risky Ways

Signs of a sex addict may include acting out sexually in risky or dangerous ways. This could involve having promiscuous sex, sex with multiple partners, or compulsive sexual behavior in public places.

Sex addicts may also engage in sexual activities that are illegal, such as child pornography or bestiality. They may also expose themselves in public or coerce others into sexual activity.

Treat a Sex Addict Today

Signs of a sex addict can be difficult to spot, but there are some common warning signs. Sex addiction is a serious problem that can destroy relationships and lead to other health and legal problems.

If you suspect that you or someone you know may be a sex addict, it is important to seek professional help.

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