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What Do Marijuana Plants Look Like?

The vast green weed leaves, their flowers, and the big marijuana buds we’re used to seeing can only grow in the right environment. So, you have to give the marijuana plants a suitable climate and environment in general to grow well.

It has a lot of potential uses in several fields, from medicinal to recreational. Even if it’s illegal in your state, you might have seen marijuana at a party or growing in a neighbor’s yard.

But what is marijuana? What do marijuana plants look like? Keep on reading, and we’ll fill you in.

Marijuana Fan Leaves

Marijuana fan leaves are large and distinct, with an unmistakable symmetrical shape and serrated edges. These leaves are typically bright green and have a slightly fuzzy texture. They can grow up to 12 inches in length and 8 inches in width, making them quite impressive in size.

The leaves are arranged in an alternating pattern along the stem, with each leaf having approximately 5-7 elongated fingers, giving them a palm-like appearance. The fan leaves are essential in the marijuana plant’s growth, absorbing light and converting it into energy. They are not only a defining characteristic of the marijuana plant but also a crucial component in its cultivation.

Marijuana Flowers

Marijuana plants and marijuana flowers share a striking resemblance. With their vibrant green color and unique shape, it is no wonder why people often mistake the two. However, upon closer inspection, one can notice the distinct differences between the two.

Marijuana plants have tall and sturdy stalks with branches and leaves growing outwards. On the other hand, growing marijuana flowers are smaller and delicate, with thick, resin-coated buds. The flowers also have an intense aroma that sets them apart from the plants.


Some strains may have a sweet or fruity taste, while others may have a more spicy or bitter taste. The taste of marijuana can also be influenced by the terpenes present in the plant, which can give it a citrus, piney, or floral flavor. Overall, the smell and taste of marijuana plants are distinctive and can be easily recognized by those familiar with them.

Female vs. Male Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants come in two distinct sexes, male and female. Female plants are the ones that produce the highly sought-after flowers, or buds, that contain the psychoactive compounds THC and CBD. These plants have short, bushy structures with dense foliage and can grow up to five feet tall in the right conditions.

On the other hand, male marijuana plants have a taller, more slender appearance with fewer leaves and grow up to eight feet tall. They do not produce buds but pollen sacs, crucial for pollination and reproduction. It’s easy to distinguish between the two plants, with the female plants being more desirable for their potent buds.

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What do Marijuana Plants Look Like in A Closer View

In conclusion, marijuana plants have a distinctive appearance with serrated leaves, dense buds, and sticky trichomes. While there are various types of marijuana plants, they all share similar characteristics. What do marijuana plants look like? The answer to this question can help you identify them in the wild or when you grow your own.

So, take a closer look at some marijuana plants today!

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