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Understanding Cybercriminal Tactics

Cybercrime is constantly changing, and there is a constant race to keep security measures in place and operating to keep everyone safe. However, while the tactics of cybercriminals are changing all the time, it would benefit you to know the most likely approaches they will take. It is also important that you understand how you can limit the chances of falling victim to the cybercriminal’s advances.

How your business could be targeted

You have probably heard of various scams wreaking havoc in people’s personal lives, but they also happen to businesses as well.

#1 Exploiting humans and weak security

Cybercriminals enjoy finding the weakness in any protection, such as seeking out those who are less savvy, more susceptible, or temporarily caught off balance than others. These are the people they will endeavor to gain personal information out of or gain access to company data for their own means. Of course, it is not just the human factor that they test; they will also be checking all your security measures to see if you have a weak link in your armor. Once they are in, they can start having fun and make your life hard work.

#2 Phishing emails

The most commonly used method of gaining access is that of phishing emails. These can be anything from trying to get the recipient to log into fake websites via a link to gain passwords and usernames to downloading malware. Malware can cause all kinds of havoc for a business. It can be used to steal data, contaminate files, or hold information for ransom.

How to combat their efforts

Knowing how cybercriminals work and how they choose to approach their targets will provide you with a basic idea of how to combat their efforts to gain access. In order to strengthen your resolve, there are a couple of things that you can do.

#1 Invest in quality tech

The easiest way of preventing any of these types of cybercriminal activity is to install the right tech that will make it as hard as possible for cybercriminals to gain access. Of course, the most obvious solution is to install web application security in the form of a firewall which will monitor traffic coming into and going out of your network, like a security guard on the door, blocking certain traffic should it not conform to any preset data.

There is a vast array of firewalls available on the market, so it is important that you make sure you purchase wisely. If you have remote workers, you may require more than one unit, so speaking to an expert company such as WatchGuard Online will be able to advise you on this matter as well as provide you with the information that you require to make an informed choice.

#2 Increase employee awareness

Of course, you should also ensure that your employees are aware of the types of cybersecurity tactics they could be presented with and a form of action to take should they be targeted. This will reduce the likelihood of human error – although it may not quash it completely – and could mean that any malicious intent is discovered before too much damage is caused.


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