Top 5 Documents for Motor Vehicle Accidents to Show Your Lawyer

Are you concerned that your insurance provider may attempt to lowball you on the coverage options they provide you? If you have been in a motor vehicle accident injury and are unsure what to do when you see your lawyer, you need to know what you should bring to your consultations with your attorney.

Documents for motor vehicle accidents can differ between freely discussing your case without restraint or dealing with constrictions imposed by your insurance provider.

Below, we have highlighted a few must-read items you should carry to court. Read on!

1. Police Report

The police report contains details fundamental to your case. These are the date, time, and location of the incident. Also, it includes the names and contact information of any people involved and a description of immediate conditions related to the car accident case.

It also contains detailed information about the accident. It is essential when the fault is contested and discussed, as the police report creates an impartial, third-party account. It is required to be considered by the court. 

2. Medical Records

These records provide information about the medical treatments received for injuries sustained due to the accident. It includes doctor’s orders, medical treatments received, medical examinations, and any follow-up visits that have been made.

Keeping and providing detailed and accurate medical records to your lawyer is valuable. 

3. Insurance Information

You should provide your lawyer with copies of your insurance policy and the policy of the other driver involved in the accident. Talking to your lawyer will use this information to determine what coverage is available to you and to negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. 

4. Photographs

Photographs are vital documents when it comes to motor vehicle accident cases. Photos and videos of the accident scene, including road conditions, destruction of property and vehicles, skid marks, and signage, can be essential.

It is to establish fault and recreate the events that led to the accident. Photographs can also help a car accident lawyer assess the extent of damages or injuries.

Pictures of vehicles, glass, possessions, and personal items can add credence to the client’s claim. Photographs should be taken with a time and location stamp. It provides accurate records of events.

5. Witness Statements

Witness statements are one of the most important documents for motor vehicle accidents to show your lawyer. A statement from witnesses declares facts given under oath or affirmation about the accident.

Witness statements provide valuable testimony and evidence that your lawyer can use in constructing your case. 

Present Your Documents for Motor Vehicle Accidents Now

It is essential to provide documents for motor vehicle accidents to your lawyer. They will be necessary to prove the circumstances of the accident. Documents such as photographs, medical reports, police reports, insurance information, and witness contact details will be beneficial.

Having all of these documents will ensure you can prove your case. You can also receive the compensation you deserve. Contact a lawyer today to start the process.

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