Ways to Create a Digital Signature, and When to Use It

We live in a world where we can now handle most business affairs online. This entails meetings, interviews, daily work, financial issues, and of course, contracts. Contracts, digital checks, and more all require signatures.

But, how do we sign something when we find ourselves physically somewhere else?

The answer lies in digital signatures.

Learn how to create a digital signature, below!

What is a Digital Signature?

We sometimes refer to digital signatures as electronic- or e-signatures. These involve any computerized imprints or impressions on contracts or forms that people normally sign with physical writing utensils.

Most platforms now offer the option to create a digital signature, especially in programs like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PDFs. They provide more security against forgery since we often store them in the Cloud.

Additionally, digital signatures offer convenience, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. For example, many vulnerable communities have become unable to visit law firms/offices in-person to sign necessary legal documents.

Find more information here about how the pandemic impacted signatures.

Today, we have several options to create our digital signatures.


Many large businesses use DocuSign when they need to organize multiple contracts at once. DocuSign gives users a free trial, then prepares them to create documents and distribute them as necessary. It operates similarly to email, with tabs like Inbox, Sent, and Manage.

Additionally, DocuSign lets users overview all of their received, signed contracts, amongst other data. Plans start at $15 a month.


Much like large businesses, small businesses have contracts that require digital identification. signNow only offers 1 plan for businesses and their teams. It features many more collaboratory tools like Teams Settings.

signNow makes it easier for users to sign documents with an e-signature app. Small businesses can also integrate other apps like Google Drive to optimize productivity through day-to-day operations.


So far, the above options require a subscription or some payment. SignWell allows users to track/record/create 3 forms or documents per month for free. It has a simple interface, wih 3 main functions/buttons: New Documents, Suggest Fields, and Send.

Furthermore, SignWell comes with an e-signature app, too, also for free. That said, people, businesses, teams, may choose to upgrade for additional features like unlimited document-sending and templates.

SignWell integrates with other apps, too, like  the previous document and e-signature platforms.

The Many Ways to Create a Digital Signature

Overall, using e-signatures gives more freedom to those who need it and more convenience to those who work with it. E-signatures allow people from around the world to manage legal issues, earn a living, hire others, and more.

As such, we have different options to go about this, create a digital signature, and optimize the workplace. Different platforms, different apps, have different features, which depend on people’s needs.

All platforms allow us to create an e-signature, save it, and implement it as necessary for any document.

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