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This Is What to Do if an Employee Is Injured at Work

Workplace accidents are, unfortunately, more common than you might think. For every 100 workers, an average 2.8 will sustain work-related injuries. 

As an employer, it’s your job to know what to do if one of your employees becomes injured at work. Even if your workplace seems safe and unthreatening, slip and fall accidents, cuts, and other injuries can still occur.

We’re here to help you improve your employee management by preparing you for employee injuries.

Read on to learn more about protecting employees and what to do when someone becomes injured at work.

Act Fast

Even if an employee claims that they are fine or don’t require assistance, make sure to act fast. In some cases, this entails breaking out the first aid kit to address a minor wound. In others, it may require that you send your employee to an emergency care clinic or contact 911.

Compile all of the resources that you’ll need in advance. Get a complete first aid kit from FASO, make a list of nearby treatment centers, and train your employees on when to call for help.

Document the Injury

Once again, even if the injury seems minor or the employee does not request help, we encourage you to act fast and document the injury. Write down the facts given to you by the injured employee as well as any witnesses. Include your own knowledge of the injury even if you did not witness it (ie, “The employee reported the injury to me at this time on this day,” etc).

If necessary, compile additional evidence in the form of photos of the injury or accident site. If any equipment was involved, hang on to the equipment, taking it out of commission if a malfunction led to the injury.

Provide Workers’ Compensation 

In severe cases, employees may not be able to work for some time while recovering. They may also have outstanding medical debt as a result of the injury. This is where workers’ compensation comes in.

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that you, as an employer, should purchase. Most states outline specific requirements regarding who must purchase a workers’ compensation policy and when. Make sure that you are compliant with the law.

This is the primary reason that you should document the facts of the injury. If you need to file for workers’ compensation on your employee’s behalf, you will need to provide evidence. The more evidence you have, the more likely it will be that your employee will receive the compensation they need.

Know What to Do When Someone Becomes Injured at Work

If someone becomes injured at work, it’s up to you as the employer to know what to do. Use this simple guide to make sure that you are creating a safe work environment and that know how to respond in the event of an injury, big or small.

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