Angela Bellios

Angela Bellios – What Happened to her on WNIR?

One of the WNIR programs, “The Morning Buzz,” has lost one of its best hosts. And now they are having a competition to find a new one.

The previous host Angela Bellios has been with WNIR (100.1-FM) since 2013. She hosted “The Morning Buzz” with Steve French and Phil Ferguson. Bill Klaus, as station boss, directly confirmed this Situation. Klaus told the Beacon Journal on Friday morning that Bellios is no longer working with WNIR”.

Regarding the reason why Angela Bellios was no longer at the station, Klaus didn’t go into detail. He didn’t talk about personnel matters. He only said a lot of people were bothering France and Ferguson as the station was looking for a new host.

Efforts to reach Bellios were unsuccessful. Bellies did not announce this change on his social media. However, publicly posted that it had to do with some of her health issues back in August.

Klaus said they were looking for a replacement for Bellios through a competition titled “Akron’s Got Talent.”

“Given that one’s talent is often an innate skill, we will conduct live broadcast auditions of people applying from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds,” Klaus said in an email. “Radio experience is not required. Interested parties should send their resumes to”

Job Opportunities for the morning co-host position also get on the list under the auspices of the WNIR website.


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