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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Car Shipping Service

There are thousands of car shipping companies out there. But not all are created equal. It would be best to ask for references before hiring a company to ship your vehicle.

Whether you opt for affordable open transport or pricier enclosed car shipping, explain your vehicle’s quirky features to the driver. It helps prevent non-run fees, which can add up.


Whether you are a car salesman who must transport vehicles from one location to another or a business owner moving company cars from your old office to the new one, finding a reliable vehicle shipping service is essential. The last thing you need is for your car to be taken or sustain damage while transporting. It is why it’s critical to ask the company for a US DOT number, which you can use to verify its safety records. If the customer service representative can’t provide you with this number, look elsewhere for a car shipping service.

Discovering the company’s automobile shipping services, such as door-to-door service, is also a good idea. It is the most convenient way to ship a car, eliminating the need to drop it off at a terminal. Also, you should learn if the company can handle non-running vehicles. It’s best to remove all personal items from the car before shipping, such as extra luggage or loose items, to prevent theft.

It’s also important to know how much it will cost to ship your vehicle across the country and to be aware of seasonal price fluctuations. A trustworthy auto shipping company should clearly outline the costs of their services on their quotes and not charge you any hidden fees or charges that weren’t initially mentioned in your contract.


Most people use auto shipping services because they are moving or buying a vehicle in another part of the country (which is becoming increasingly familiar with online car purchases). Shipping the vehicle may be more convenient than driving it in these cases. However, you should know the factors influencing car shipping time frames and rates—for example, demand for car shipping increases during the summer and January, so that prices may increase. Also, poor road conditions can slow down the shipment process.

Generally, the top car transport companies offer fast quotes and competitive rates. These companies also provide added value to their customers through discounts and guarantees. Examples include price lock guarantees, free car washes, and guaranteed pickup dates. These features make them stand out from the competition.

One way to gauge a company’s reliability is by checking customer reviews. You can also ask about their insurance coverage. Some companies have 2 million dollars of insurance to protect your vehicle while it is shipped. Other companies have less range, which could mean you will be responsible for any damage to your car.

It would be best to understand whether a car shipping company is a broker, carrier, or auto transport company. A broker will schedule carriers and shipments, while a carrier owns trucks and ships vehicles.


Whether you are moving to another state, buying a car online, or need to relocate your vehicle for any reason, car shipping services can help make the process less stressful. These companies can transport your vehicle for a fee and offer other services, such as car storage. However, it is crucial to know the costs and quality of the service before hiring one.

The cost of a car transportation service depends on the type of vehicle and its destination. A typical price includes pickup and delivery, insurance, and fuel. Some companies may also require a deposit or offer different payment options. The best way to find out how much it will cost to ship a vehicle is to contact the company and ask for a quote.

When selecting a car shipping service, choosing one with good customer service is vital. A reputable company will provide a clear list of all the charges for their services and answer any questions. They should also have a website and phone number where you can reach them.

Inquiring about the company’s insurance coverage is also crucial. A reputable auto transport company will have at least $2 million worth of insurance to protect your vehicle during transit. They should also have a Department of Transportation (DOT) registration and MC number, which you can check with the FMCSA.


When hiring a car shipping service, customers should always ask what types of insurance they offer. The best car shipping services carry full vehicle coverage, meaning they will pay to repair or replace a customer’s vehicle if it is damaged during transit. However, this type of insurance usually doesn’t cover personal items in the car, so it is a good idea to remove all personal belongings before delivering them for travel and remove everything from your vehicle.

Customers should also inquire about the company’s DOT number and license. A DOT number is an official government designation that indicates a company has the legal authority to transport vehicles across state lines. Additionally, it is essential to note that a reputable car shipping company will only work with licensed drivers to ensure the safety of all transported vehicles.

When selecting a car shipping service, it is vital to remember that you will be without your vehicle for a few days. Finding a company that can meet your needs and budget is essential. A reliable shipping company will provide a competitive quote and offer a variety of car shipping methods. It is also a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies to compare prices and quality of service. Finally, customers should look for a company that offers excellent customer service and a quick response time.


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