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Is Handling Your Own IT Needs Better than Outsourcing?

Businesses may not be sure what the right choice might be when it comes to handling their IT needs. Many companies might feel tempted to handle their own IT needs internally, whether by hiring in for that specialty, or hoping that other positions just manage that for themselves. However, and maybe support of the former, in our opinion, most businesses across most industries should not have their own internal team handling their IT needs. Man, what a take, but hear us out. The only times a company should have their team handling IT needs is if they have ample budget to establish a full IT department to handle all of the business’s needs, or work in the IT field directly.

The alternative we feel is smarter for a great deal of companies, and that’s outsourcing. Consider another company on a contractual basis and many such exist to fill that need, such as Athens Micro. Read on to see all the different instances where outsourcing IT needs is probably be the best course of action.

When To Outsource

Small businesses especially should make it a point to outsource. Small and budding businesses hardly ever have the resources available to develop an internal IT department. However, your team should also not handle their own IT needs with very few exceptions. Outsourcing IT needs is the way to go with businesses of this size.

By outsourcing IT needs, your company can ensure that a proper and functional IT infrastructure tailored to your business’s needs will be set up. In addition, you can rest assured that because this infrastructure was set up by professionals in the field, that your IT infrastructure will be as secure as possible, and able to protect your business for many years to come, provided regular updates.

Outsourcing also provides financial benefit as well. By not having to hire an IT professional to work at your business either part-time or full-time, you don’t have to spend as much paying hourly fees for extended lengths of time, nor do you have to worry about paying for employee benefits. Paying for employee benefits out-of-pocket can be, while expected of larger and more established corporations, can make it difficult for smaller businesses to continue to grow. An outsourced IT professional will have a solid rate that you follow, thus preventing you from paying a cent more than you need.

You Can Revisit Your IT Professional

It’s also important to note that services provided by a contracted IT professional are not one-and-done. You can work with the same IT professional, or a colleague of theirs, time and time again as needed. And this is all, as previously mentioned, without having to pay the additional fees and wages you’d be paying if you had an IT professional on your team as a long-term employee. Having a contracted IT professional allows your business to save money and expand, while also not having to worry about your business’s cybersecurity suffering.


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