Things She Likes to Chat With Men – Arousr Sexting Model DropOSunshine Talks

Sexual conversations can be tricky to initiate, especially with women. But if you’re looking to learn a few tricks to make them happen more smoothly, who better to ask than an Arousr sexting model? I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with DropOSunshine, one of Arousr’s most popular models, to talk about what she likes to chat with men and some tips on how to make those chats more comfortable for both parties.

1. Sexual Fantasies

DropOSunshine says that when it comes to sexting, people are often too shy to share their sexual fantasies with a partner. But it’s important to know that sharing your fantasies with your partner can help you explore a new dimension of sex life. In fact, she believes that sexting is the perfect platform to explore your fantasies and to make them come to life. She also says that trying out different fantasies can be a great way to bond and strengthen the relationship.

2. Sensitive topics

Men generally tend to avoid sensitive topics around women, but according to DropOSunshine, talking about these sensitive topics can actually make the convos more intimate and make a deep connection. She suggests sharing your life stories, challenges, fears, and insecurities, and it will create a deep sense of trust and intimacy.

3. Kinky stuff

Another topic that men usually avoid is anything kinky. They often don’t have the courage to open up about it, fearing judgment. However, DropOSunshine encourages men to be open about their kinky desires, saying that it’s all about establishing trust and boundaries. She suggests that men try sexting as a low-stakes, no-commitment way to explore their kinky side, which can be an arousing experience and bring them closer to their partner.

4. Flirting

According to Arousr’s model, flirting is a crucial part of sexting. She revealed that women feel good about themselves when they are flirted with. It’s important to know that the most successful sexting sessions are the ones where the man shares both his sexual desires and his romantic feelings with the woman. She said one of the things that men forget about flirting is that it’s not supposed to be serious, adding that a good flirt makes the woman feel good.

5. Consent

Most importantly, DropOSunshine emphasized that consent is an integral part of any sexual conversation. She said that it’s important to both parties to agree to the type of conversation they’re having, and for the chat to continue on a consensual level. To avoid misunderstandings, DropOSunshine advises discussing with your partner beforehand about the topics up for discussion and boundaries in the conversation.


Sexting is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of adult entertainment. It’s an excellent way for people to express their desires without engaging in physical acts or commitments. But for a satisfying and enjoyable sexting experience, it’s important to know the right things to chat about.

As suggested by DropOSunshine, talk about fantasies, sensitive topics, kinky stuff, and remember to flirt, but most importantly, establish boundaries and get consent. By following these tips, men can have more comfortable and fulfilling sexting sessions with their partners.


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