How to Choose the Best Gun for Deer Hunting

There are more than 393 million active gun owners in the U.S. While guns are known as a man’s sport, more and more women are embracing gun ownership.

If you’re a new hunter and you want to own a gun for the first time for self-defense, that’s great! That goes without saying. But what should you know if you want a weapon to use for hunting?

Check out this simple guide on choosing the best gun for deer hunting and learn more today!

Legal Considerations

When choosing a gun for deer hunting, it is important to consider legal considerations. Different states have different laws regarding weapon type, ammunition size, and minimum caliber.

Know the specific rules and regulations for the state in which the hunt is taking place. Regardless of the state, most hunting season requires a rifle with created a rifling of the barrel for a minimum of .243 caliber, an effective lethal range of 150 yards, and no electronically initiated ignition source.

It is also important to ensure the state does not prohibit the specific type of gun or ammunition or have a minimum length requirement on rifles and shotguns. Guns with a minimum length of 24 inches and an overall length of no less than 26 inches are allowed in most states.

Personal Preference

Determine the type of firearm you are most comfortable with, such as a rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader. Decide the shooter’s budget for this gun. Will the primary purpose of this gun be for deer hunting, or do you plan to use it for multiple types of hunting or target shooting?

Here are some things you should consider in terms of personal preference:


Different calibers are better for different kinds of hunting, so it’s important to research and understands the differences and what will work best for the type of deer hunting youre looking to do.

In general, most deer hunting rifles are chambered in cartridges that range from .223 to .30-06. .223 is a lighter caliber and is best used for smaller game or long-distance shooting, while .30-06 is a larger caliber and is ideal for most hunting scenarios while using the brass 7.62 x 39.


When choosing the best gun for deer hunting, distance plays a key factor in the decision. Generally, a longer barrel aids in greater accuracy and helps maintain the velocity of the bullet for longer distances.

Shorter barrels are easier to maneuver in tight spaces like tree stands. For hunting in wooded areas, a shorter barrel length is typically better. Select a gun with a longer barrel, preferably between 22 and 26 inches.


Recoil will play an important role in your accuracy and whether you are able to keep your shots on target. It is suggested to select a gun with a decent weight that can handle the extra recoil with ease.

Opt for a rifle that is equipped with a rifle pad to help absorb some of the shocks. Selecting a gun with a low muzzle velocity will help reduce the recoil. 

Purchase a Gun for Deer Hunting Today

When considering the best gun for deer hunting, it is important to know the game you plan to hunt, the laws and regulations, and your comfort level with the firearm.

Taking all this into account, you should now be better informed to make a decision that best suits your needs and that will result in a successful and fulfilling hunt. Now is the time to browse the selection of accessories and get ready to hunt!

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