The Basics on How to Do Vape Tricks

Vaping has become a mainstay in popular culture, with nearly 5 percent of adults in the United States using vapes instead of traditional cigarettes. The flavor and convenience of vapes make them a hot option for individuals who crave a strong hit and lots of smoke, though it’s worth noting that all types of vapes have health risks.

One of the best parts of purchasing cannabis and CBD vapes is the opportunity to learn how to do vape tricks. Vaping tricks present unique ways to take a hit and play with the vapor or smoke you create.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right spot to learn more about the tricks you can do with your new cannabis vapes. Continue reading to impress your friends today!

The Waterfall

The Waterfall is one of the smoothest and coolest-looking vape tricks to learn after purchasing your first vape. Vapor takes on a stunning appearance when moving slowly and smoothly. It takes on a water-like appearance.

You can use that to your advantage by learning The Waterfall when exhaling your vapor. You’ll need a bottle with ice at the bottom, and you’ll exhale the vapor into the bottle before letting it sit. After the vapor settles near the ice, pour it from the bottle to create The Waterfall.

The Dragon

The Dragon is another fun vaping trick to try, and it’s one of the first tricks many vape users learn. Take a large puff off your vape and hold the smoke in. When you’re ready to exhale, send the vapor through your nose and the sides of your mouth.

Keep the middle section of your mouth closed to force the vapor to exit from the sides of your mouth. Bite down on this part of your mouth if you struggle with keeping the middle of your mouth closed. Visit to find CBD and cannabis vapes for your health. 

Liquid Mist

Liquid Mist is a fun vape trick to try when enjoying a cocktail. The process begins with drinking half of the cocktail and leaving the other half in the glass.

Take a hit from your vaporizer and blow the vapor into the cocktail glass to let it collect and sit. It will create a smoggy and mystical appearance to your drink. It’s one of the most extraordinary vaping ideas to try.

Smoke Rings

Smoke rings are a classic smoking trick, and vaping makes them more manageable, thanks to the volume of vapor produced from a single hit. Make an “O” with your lips and relax your lower jaw. Use your tongue to send the vapor out of your mouth to create the smoke ring.

Now You Know How to Do Vape Tricks

Learning the basics of how to do vape tricks is an excellent way to try something new after purchasing your first CBD and cannabis vapes. Smoke rings are an easy option to learn for beginners, while The Waterfall creates an impressive image. Liquid Mist is another fun option to try when enjoying your favorite cocktail.

Finding new and exciting things to try is a significant part of improving your lifestyle. Explore fun ideas and tricks to try with our Lifestyle blog content today!


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