Complete Guide on Impact Windows and Doors
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The Complete Guide on Impact Windows and Doors

In storm-prone areas like Florida, homes and buildings without impact windows are at risk for damage during hurricanes and severe weather events. These damage-causing winds pick up man-made and natural debris and send it flinging toward the property’s weakest points, such as standard windows.

Fortunately, impact windows and doors offer many benefits, including improved home security, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and insurance discounts.

Improved Home Security

Protecting your home and property from wind, rain, and flying debris is one of the main benefits of impact window and doors. These high-quality, impenetrable glass units prevent these items from spearing through a window or breaking down the door frame, causing property damage and severe injury.

Additionally, they reduce noise from traffic and other outdoor activities. Additionally, they offer superior defense against damaging UV rays that deteriorate drapes, carpets, and furniture.

Not only do impact windows protect your home from storm-related dangers, but they also guard against another type of threat: forced entries. Their thick layered construction and heavy-duty frames make burglars less likely to break these windows and enter your home.

This feature and their aesthetically-preferred look can significantly increase your home’s security and help you save money on costly repairs. For these reasons, many homeowners invest in impact windows and doors before putting their homes on the market.


The innate strength of aluminum makes impact windows and doors incredibly durable. This feature significantly benefits storm-prone areas where hurricanes and severe tropical weather can wreak havoc. When debris from severe weather hits a home, it can cause massive property damage and personal injury. Impact windows prevent this debris from entering the building, reducing the risk of injuries.

In addition, impact windows provide resistance against would-be burglars. This is due to the robust and transparent interlayer bonded within the glass. This layer is so tough that it stays intact even if the glass is cracked.

These benefits are why many counties in hurricane-prone regions require impact glass in new homes and replacement windows. Installing these impact-resistant products in your home can offer various benefits, including noise reduction, improved security, and increased value. It can also lead to lower homeowners insurance premiums. Contact a trusted impact window installer for more information.

Energy Efficiency

The strength of impact windows and doors is about preventing damaging winds and debris and keeping your home comfortable year-round. The durable laminated glass and the sturdy framing create an effective barrier that helps to regulate the indoor temperature, especially during drastic weather changes. This reduces the need to run your air conditioner as often and can help you save on energy costs.

Impact windows and doors are more energy-efficient than standard windows because they can be coated with unique materials that reduce heat and UV radiation transfer. This can reduce exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and help maintain the condition of furniture, artwork, fabrics, paint, and other items inside your home.

Investing in impact windows and doors can pay dividends for your home or commercial structure in the long run. By choosing quality materials and enlisting the services of professional contractors, you can ensure that your investment will continue to deliver value for years to come.

Increased Value

Compared to traditional non-impact windows, impact products are more durable through the years. They also have several security benefits that make them a solid investment. They can be easily crafted into any style of home and offer additional protection from intruders, as thicker glass makes it much harder for burglars to break into homes through these windows.

They are designed to withstand high design pressures, which helps protect buildings from damage during severe weather events. This includes everything from Category 2 hurricanes to heavy rainfall flooding. They can even help to prevent windborne debris, such as roof tiles, from crashing into your house, which could lead to costly repairs.

Since they provide substantial protection from serious hazards, most insurance companies will offer discounted home insurance rates for homeowners with these types of windows installed in their property. Over time, these discounts can go a long way towards paying for the new impact windows and doors.


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