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Texas Car Shipping- Basic Guidelines for Auto Transport

Texas is considered a popular location for car transportation because it is a central location that easily connects to other states and region. The weather also is temperate and makes safe delivery of vehicles a lot easier than other locations. 

Auto transportation makes it easy for people to buy vehicles wherever they find a good deal. This therefore means that the buyer is not restricted to any particular dealer on account of logistics. This coupled with the facts we stated about Texas means that you can go ahead and look up great automobile deals in Texas. 

You can also find amazing auto transport deals if you are wondering how to move your precious cargo to and fro Texas. All you need to do is type ‘ship my car to Texas’ into your browser/search engine and many options will pop up.   

That being said however, there are basic things you must know and bear in mind before you proceed. In this article therefore, we will share some basic guidelines for auto transport. The tips we will share here are applicable for car shipping anywhere in the world so stay with us. 

Types of Auto Transport

When looking for options for shipping your car, bear in mind that there are different types of car transport. Each of these options has their pros and cons. We will briefly discuss them below:-

Open Carrier 

This the most popular type of auto transport mainly because it is the most cost effective and readily available.  In this method of transport, the vehicles are loaded on an open carrier. The carrier can be multi or single level. Most shipping companies use multi-level open carriers because they further help to make the service more affordable. 

One disadvantage of this method is that of exposure of the cars to the elements while in transit. This therefore means that this option is not ideal if you want to move a high end vehicle. However, it is considered the best option for generic vehicles.

Enclosed Carrier 

Just as the name implies, this method employs the use of enclosed carriers for the transportation of vehicles. In contrast to the open carrier method, it provides additional protection for cars while in transit. It therefore goes without saying that it is the best option for moving high end vehicles and the cost is also higher based on the additional benefits that it affords.

Door-to-Door Shipping 

This option provides ultimate convenience because it entails having the shipping company pick up the vehicle from one specified location to another. This saves the customer the hassle of having to move the vehicle to the pickup point/terminal and also go pick it up at the delivery terminal.  

As much as this option is the most convenient, it is not always available to everyone because of some logistical issues. Therefore, you must confirm that this option is possible with your location before going for it. 

Expedited Auto Transport 

This is an option for people who need their cars to be shipped in record time. Normally, every shipping company has timelines for their shipping. However, circumstances may warrant that you cannot work with their timing. When this is the case, there are companies that have expedited services. 

As is to be expected, this service will cost more than the regular service but you are sure to get your car as soon as you want it. 

Cross Country Auto Transport 

There are companies that specialize in moving vehicles from one state to the other. So if you need to move your vehicle from or to Texas from any part of the country, ensure that you look out for these companies. 

More so, they also help to provide seamless logistics for people who have to relocate from one region of the country to another. 

Basic Guidelines for Auto Transport

Following from the above discourse of the types of auto transport that’s available, you can deduce which option works best for you. The following are factors to bear in mind for a hassle free experience:- 

Choose the Right Company 

Even after you have deduced the type of shipping method that best suits you, you must of necessity choose the company that will best deliver that option for you. The following are tips to help you make the right choice:- 

  1. Carry out thorough research(both online and offline)
  2. Ask for referrals and recommendations 
  3. Check out company websites online 
  4. Read customer reviews
  5. Carry out comparison shopping 

Prepare your Car for Shipping 

Once you have settled on the shipping company to use, the next line of action is to prepare your car for shipping. Things to do to this effect include the following:- 

  1. Clean your car thoroughly (both interior and exterior)
  2. Document any existing damage and take a picture of the car to show the state of the car before haulage. 
  3. Leave just about a quarter tank of fuel in the car
  4. Remove every personal item from the vehicle
  5. Contact the shipping company for specific instructions. 


Moving your vehicle from one location to the other should not be an onerous task. That is why we have shared some basic guidelines on how to go about it. These tips would come in handy no matter where you are shipping your vehicle from or to.


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