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5 Easy Career Changes You Can Make Today

Whether you entered the job force after high school or pursued a Bachelor’s degree, you might have ended up in a profession you find unfulfilling. Maybe you have long hours for little pay, or what little opportunities for advancement are available only lead to positions that are worse than what you’re enduring now. If you’re sick of the grind, you might want to consider a career change.

Medical Biller

This is an office position that requires you to interact with medical staff and patients, ensuring that the proper procedures are billed for and that patients have avenues to pay them. This could be submitting claims to insurance companies or working with patients to create a payment plan.

If you’ve already completed some form of higher education, it might be easier for you to get certified by a medical billing and coding diploma program than someone who hasn’t. However, if you just have a high school diploma, don’t fret. Programs are often accessible to all.

House Sitter

This might start as a side gig, but some people have made it into a full-time career. Housesitting can involve tasks such as tending to gardens and house plants, light cleaning and pet care. You might be required to show up for a few hours to ensure specific tasks are taken care of, or your client may wish you to stay at their residence for the entirety of their absence.

Even if you lack experience in things like housekeeping, a solid professional resume with reputable references can be enough to win over potential clients. 

Dog Walker

This is another potential side gig that can turn into bigger things if you hustle. Pet lovers sometimes leave their dogs alone at home for eight hours or more at a time. This can lead to “accidents” in the house and behavioral issues. Dog walkers give their clients peace of mind by providing their pooches with potty breaks, companionship and a little TLC.

Pharmacy Technician

This job often just requires a high school diploma, but sharp attention to detail is also a plus. In this job, you aid your supervising pharmacist in dispensing medications to patients ranging from mild antihistamines to substances like opioids. This is why they will sometimes require background checks and drug screenings for applicants.

People skills are also beneficial to have in this position, as you will sometimes be instructing patients in the proper use of their medication, as well as side effects to look out for. A little kindness can go a long way, especially with people dealing with life-altering conditions. 

Park Ranger

There is a similar track to entry as law enforcement, and in some places they even have an age limit and physical requirements for recruits. However, if you enjoy the outdoors this might be the vocation for you.

Duties can involve patrolling campgrounds and handling disturbances, or leading tours and maintaining state parks. Depending on where you’re stationed, you may find yourself doing more people-centric work than conservation or vice versa. 

Even if you have a job that pays well, the quality of life it gives you is minimal. There’s no shame in walking away from something that makes you miserable and finding your niche somewhere else. 


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